Welcome to the Dodo island

Two beautiful red whiskered bulbuls at the airport

Mountains and sugar cane fields

Les Trois Mamelles

The grand reception hall

Our spacious Victoria Hotel room

The sea view from our room...

Cocktails in the evening

The sunset on the beach

Sega dancing on the beach

Sega dance motion

Movement, grace and speed

Spiralling away

The dancers watch the musicians

Music demonstration

The pool at dinner time

Sega dancer

Dancing elegance

Breakfast view of the sea

Women working in the sugar cane fields

Work in the fields

Interesting Creole language

Yawning fruit bat

Respectful contact with a turtle

Giant tortoises

Devouring a fruit

Face to face with a veteran


Looking at me

Goodbye to this fantastic animal

Another turtle walks bye

Turtles huddle in the shade

A sociable weaver hides before fleeing

Sugar cane fields and the sea

Small harbour near Souillac

Boatman near Souillac

Another sugar cane processing plant

Small frog near Rochester Falls

Rochester Falls

Waterfall on volcanic rocks

Close-up on the Rochester Falls

At the Rochester Falls

Kids coming out on the Riambel Beach

A beach full of kids

Kids playing in the Ocean

Who's legs are those?

Beach at Riambel

Riambel Beach fun

Landscape behind Chamarel Falls

Chamarel Falls

View of the Chamarel Falls

Close-up on the Chamarel Falls

7 colours of the earth

Chamarel's famous colours

Beautiful contrasts

View from the Varangue sur Morne restaurant

Morne Brabant mountain

View from the Chamarel Restaurant

Morne Brabant mountain

Families on the Morne area beach

Beach near Morne Brabant

Sunset and rain in the South-west

Rain in front of the sunset

Dances at the hotel

The "Banana Girls"

Dancing guys

Dances at the Victoria Hotel

The girls dance it out

A typical landscape

Crocodile at Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes

Photographed photographer

Landscape near Rochester Falls

Striking colours of Chamarel

Madagascar fody flying away

Looking for the next place to fly

A schooner in Pereyb?re's bay

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice

Inside ND Auxiliatrice

Local catch

Cap Malheureux and Gunners Point

A beautiful Madagascar fody bites off a flower

A sociable weaver

A local drink shop

Gunners Point

A dove sits outside the window

Rushing to see the sunset

Victoria Hotel beach as night falls

Scenes of local life in the evening

Fishermen at sunset

A honeymoon dinner in our Victoria Hotel

Dances at the Afraa gala dinner

Japanese inspired dances

The beach at Belle Mare

A Mauritian landscape

A monument in the SSR Botanical Gardens

A nutmeg tree

The famous lily pond

Little green heron in the lily pond

Lilies in the famous pool

Blossoming lilies

A nice lily pond

Giant fig tree

Java deer in the Botanical Gardens

Madagascar fody

A cheeky male Madagascar fody

Lake in SSR Botanical Gardens

Main gate and entrance of the SSR Botanical Gardens

Aapravasi Ghat, World Heritage Site

Former grounds for the arrival of indentured labourers

Aapravasi Ghat, arrival place of labourers

Old buildings, legacy of immigration

Workers in the harbour

A local liquor store

The old post office

A man in his shop

Statue of Labourdonnais

Street market

Market street

Company Gardens

Eur?ka colonial house

Eur?ka's lovely setting for lunch

The grounds with Mount Ory in the background

Piano room

Chinese room

The dining hall

Sitting room

The terrace and garden

An old shower

Water heater and tub

Kitchen of Eur?ka

Eur?ka colonial house

A dodo statue

A rainbow ends in the sea

Cotton Bay beach

Cotton Bay beach

Local casino in Port Mathurin

A nice colonial building

Sunset sky at Anse aux Anglais

Fresh lemonade for breakfast

Madagascar fody in the filaos forest

One of Mount Limon's colourful birds

Unknown bird hard to photograph

View from the top of Mount Limon

The south's great atoll

The nice filaos woods of Mount Limon

Southern views

Beautiful southern atoll and islands

A local cow

A view true to its reputation

Another stop along the southern road to admire the view

A cow also admires the view

Southern beach and Mourouk Hotel

A casuarina forest on the beach

Mourouk Hotel pool and beach

A curious dog and a man on the beach

Colours of the Mourouk Hotel as we leave

Bustle of the Restaurant du Quai

Port Mathurin's market

The local weekly market

Busy street for the Saturday market

The famous achard piment (chilis)

Butchery shop

Selling hats

Local baskets

Church in Port Mathurin

Small streets of the island's capital

Quiet Port Mathurin

The north coast and its lagoon

Mangrove trees in a bay

The famous ourites laid out to dry

John's Resto pub

John's Resto pub, famous for seafood

Eating lobster in Rodrigues

Radiatta tortoises

The turtle ground in a canyon

Inside the big cave

The centerpiece of the cave

Lighting up behind a curtain of stone

Our ATR plane in Rodrigues

The Anse Quitor turtle reserve

A beautiful plane view of the lagoon of Rodrigues

Mountains and clouds of Mauritius

Copains d'Abord Restaurant atmosphere

Our hotel room in the Coco Villa

The sea face of Coco Villas

Boats in the bay of Mah?bourg

A boat sails by

Blue Bay jetty

Pointe d'Esny waters and Lion Mountain

Presk'il Hotel

A twisting palm tree

Female Mauritius Fody

Mauritius pink pigeon

Male Mauritius fody

A male Mauritius fody grooming its feathers

Female olive white-eye

Olive white-eye looking at me

Telfair's skink

A giant turtle walks by

Careful with this one, warns our guide

Telfair's skink

A runaway lizard

Beautiful Oeniella polystachys orchid

View of Lion Mountain from Iles aux Aigrettes

A crab by the jetty

Erosion of the Ile aux Aigrettes coral

Day gecko on the ceiling

A bright and colourful day gecko

At the Jardin Cr?ole

Crowd in Mah?bourg

Lion Mountain

Small building off Mah?bourg

Shandrani Hotel


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