Indonesia (2006)
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Tea ceremony for Japanese tourists

Maya Ubud dining area

Paddy fields near Gunung Kawi

Gunung Kawi temple

Gentle water near Gunung Kawi

The stream running through Gunung Kawi


Temple carved in the hill of Gunung Kawi

More shrines in Gunung Kawi

Worshippers in Tirta Empul's waters

Bathing in Tirta Empul

Coming to a shrine in Tirta Empul

Lake Batur

Preparations for festivities


Creating decorations

View of Lake Batur

Mount Batur

Making sculptures

Offerings to a statuette

Building new statues

Preparing for a ceremony

Batur Temple entrance

Inside Batur Temple

Cafe Lotus, Ubud

Lotus flower

Girls playing around

Details of a temple entrance

Kecak dance

The entranced dancer has finished walking in fire

Morning walk in Maya Ubud hotel

Calm of the morning countryside

Scarecrows in the paddy fields

Close-up on the bats

Constant activity and noise of bats in Goa Lawah

Goa Lawah's temple and bats

A proud owner of fighting cocks

Strange colour for these fighting cocks

New Tenganan village centre

Offerings to an old statuette

New Tenganan village from the top

Candi Dasa lotus pond

Candi Dasa boat by the sea

Women picking flowers

Interrupted by us while picking flowers

Flower collection in the fields

Paddy fields

Life in the paddy fields

Beautiful paddy field view

Distinctively beautiful rice terraces

Working in the paddy fields

Working the land

Women at work

Maya Ubud pool

Chairs by the pool

The pool - Maya Ubud

Maya Ubud pool

The pool of Maya Ubud

Another lovely area by the pool

Flowers and vegetation abound

Private villas of Maya Ubud

The view towards the Spa of Maya Ubud

Beautiful flower

The Spa area - Maya Ubud

Maya Ubud's second pool

A dragonfly at rest

What is this young girl doing?

Preparations for another cremation in Ubud

This is what it's all about!

The men wait to carry the huge tower

The transfer from the Peliatan temple to the procession will soon begin

A symbolic dragon

Parading princess

One of the guards awaits

Here come the dancers

The coffin arrives

Bringing the coffin out of the temple

Lifting the coffin to the tower

Tying the coffin to the tower

Riding the bull

The procession is about to begin

Princess being carried in the procession

Waiting for the rest of the procession

What is the rest of the procession doing?

Joking around between breaks

A kid rides on the bull cart

Carrying the load

Musicians in the procession

The priest

Presiding over part of the procession

Impressive procession

Trying to make it to the cemetary

The tower reaches the cemetary

Bringing down the gold at the top of the tower

Site of the burning in the cemetary

Bringing the coffin down from the tower to the bull

Opening up the bull to receive the corpse

Transferring the corpse into the bull

The bull is set on fire

Amazing flames of the cremation

Towards the end of the cremation

Goa Gajah temple

Statues of Goa Gajah

Kids on Ahmed Beach

A beach near Ahmed

Kids playing on the beach

Ahmed restaurant

Me in Ahmed

Perahu boats in Ahmed

Padangbai from the ferry

A boat in the Padangbai bay

Wehda on the ferry to Lombok

The ferry from Bali to Lombok

Dining at the Novotel Kuta Lombok

Novotel Kuta pool at night

Novotel Kuta beach

Towards the bay at Novotel Kuta

A Japanese couple walks away from local offers

Local children selling their wares

The bay and village near Novotel Kuta

Tanjung Aan beach

The sea near Kuta

Novotel Kuta Lombok

Close-up on the Novotel Kuta Lombok

The bay of Kuta Lombok

A fisherman crosses the lagoon

Fishermen come back with their catch

Fishermen huts on the beach near Kuta

Not much to see at the Pura Meru temple

A beautiful lone tree on top of a valley

Our first glimpse of the Jeruk Manis waterfall

Jeruk Manis waterfall

Jeruk Manis waterfall

Fly warming up on a strange tree

A glimpse of a black monkey

Three girls come to observe us

Quiet social life in the village of Sade

A young calf and its protective mother

A granary built in traditional Sasak style

Calf and cows

A woman asks me to take her picture

Preparing a meal

Traditional house in Sade village

Charm of Sade village

Novotel beach at sunset

Merpati flight from Lombok to Bali

International SOS clinic in Bali

Monkeys everywhere at Uluwatu

Child at a ceremony

Life's tough

Ceremony day at Uluwatu

Offerings by women

The procession

Uluwatu entrance

Cliffs of Uluwatu

Only monkeys can throw litter anywhere

Uluwatu temple on the cliff

The famous Tanah Lot temple

Next to Tanah Lot

Guarded paddy fields

Learning to dance

The waterfall... at last!



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