South Africa (2003)
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Irrigated patches of crops in the arid plains

Township near Johannesburg

Part of Johannesburg seen from the sky

Coming into Johannesburg by car

Snapshot of myself

South African Highway

Mysterious atmosphere of our first camp

The misty pond near our camp

Pied kingfisher above the morning mist

Surrounding mountains

Rock dassies in the camp

White rhinoceros surrounded by cattle egret

Elephant crossing the road just in front of us

Hippopotamus in a pond

White-fronted bee-eater

Chacma baboon

Male great kudu

Male great kudu

Male great kudu

Nile crocodile

Snapshots of a leopard

Ground hornbill

African buffaloes

Peter's epauleted fruit bat

Peter's epauleted fruit bat


Female klipspringer

Juvenile African fish eagle landing by the waterhole

South African plains at sunset



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