Austria (2004)
Photos per year (number): 2004 (119)
Inside Klagenfurt cathedral

Altar of Klagenfurt cathedral

Klagenfurt cathedral seen from Domplatz square

View of the Alps from a bridge


Villach church

Klagenfurt charm

Klagenfurt central square

Klagenfurt center

Klagenfurt streets

Austrian architecture in Klagenfurt

Cocktail in a Cuban bar

Spirit of Cuba

In the Mirabel Gardens

Choir rehearsal

View from the best suite of the Sacher Hotel

The great Marble Hall

Rose petals after the wedding

The two wedding ring cases

Decorations above the entrance of the Marble Hall

Statue in the Mirabel Gardens

Funny bears for sale

Statue in the Mirabel Gardens

Light and architecture of the Sacher Hotel

An elegant bouquet

Fountain in the Mirabel Gardens

View of the castle

Hotel Sacher, Salzburg

Salzburg city: on the river and at the foot of the hill

Pretzels for sale

Houses along the river

A quiet boat ride

The nearby Alps

Inside Hellbrunn Palace

Water has a central role

Arriving at Hellbrunn Palace

A relaxing place in the sun

View of some water works

Elegant furniture

A room of the museum

A great place to entertain guests

Lovely gardens

Chinese style decorations

Japanese decorations

View of the gardens

Fountain of Hercules

A simple and elegant plant

Views of the garden and museum

Hellbrunn Palace

Unicorn statue

Neptune fountain

Beautiful lemon trees

The carriage arrives

Hellbrunn Palace courtyard

Gardens at night

Hellbrunn Palace facade by night

Concert in the Mirabel Gardens

Serious music

Cathedral bell tower

St Peter Stiftskeller

Inside St Peter Stiftskeller

A well arranged dining room

Courtyard of a restaurant

Old Salzburg

Hotel Sacher seen from the river

The crucifixion

Central Salzburg - riverside

Central Salzburg - Mirabel Gardens


City, castle and mountains

A girl orchestrates the waters

Green hills beyond Salzburg

The ever so famous Mozartkugeln

The rose bushes of the Mirabel Gardens

High street Salzburg

Mozart's birthplace

Kitchen of Mozart's birthplace

View onto the square from Mozart's birthplace

Inside the cathedral

Dome of the cathedral


Sophisticated ceilings

Carabinieri Hall

Decorative figures on the ceiling

A grand reception room

The elaborate ceilings and chandeliers

Throne Room

The throne


The main hall

Cutting someone's profile in paper

Finishing touches for a fast silhouette

Playing giant chess

Entrance to the cemetary

An impressive figure next to a tomb

The cemetary at the foot of the hill

The castle oversees this old part of town

Salzburg cathedral

Beauty of the castle

Old streets inside the castle

View towards Hellbrunn Palace

Dungeon chains

The castle grounds

The city lies below

Salzburg centre

The chess game seen from the castle

Wooden walls decorated in gold and paint

A fancy porcelain stove

Symbols of the king

The assembly room

Vision from inside the castle buildings

A grotesque mask to shame criminals

A silent army in motion

Cannon action

Castle from close

The tall walls of the castle

Inner court of the castle

Parked coaches

Statue of Mozart



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