Bahrain (2006)
Photos per year (number): 2004 (33) 2005 (25) 2006 (28)
Blue Elephant restaurant

Blue Elephant bar

Decorations inside Blue Elephant

Fooling around with my drink

Arriving on the football pitch

Mosque in the sandy mist

Tranquil waters of Bahrain

Boat in Bahraini waters

Tariq played too fast!

Out to get them

1st game over

2nd game for Tariq again

Launching my ball

The final score

Northern Manama seafront

A family moment near the Financial Harbour

A proud young girl

Building central Manama

The first wind-powered building is under construction

Model and building

Model of the wind-powered towers

Building the Financial Harbour

A nice lunch at Kontiki

Charming Novotel rooms

View of Juffair from far

Quiet place for birds in central Manama

Covered fruit and vegetable market

Sitting around in the market



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