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Links to Cambodia texts: First steps in Phnom Penh | Tuol Sleng | The Khmers Rouges | Royal palace | Killing Fields | Upstream to Siem Reap | First evening | Entry in Angkor Thom | Rest of Angkor Thom | End of the afternoon | Sunrise in Angkor Wat | The reliefs | Temples to the east of the city | Basins of the east | Temples to the north-east of the city | Roluos group | Roluos market | Around Roluos | Western Baray | Return to Angkor Wat | Dawn in the east | Kobal Spien | Banteay Srei | Last views of Angkor
Photos per year (number): 2002 (247) 2008 (77)
My hotel room at Le Meridien

A well presented ice cream

Arriving in Angkor Wat

Apsaras on the external wall

A classic view of Angkor Wat

A cliche with a local monk

A monk walks by with a photographer

A horse on duty

All on board the horse carriages

Bridge to enter Angkor Thom

Entering Angkor Thom by the south gate

The mighty southern gate of Angkor Thom

Us tourists at the Bayon

Conquering Khmer army

Faces at the Bayon

Buddha statue

Sun illuminates the bright statue

Face to face with a Buddha statue

A replica of the reclining Buddha

Massage before lunch

My masseuse and her colleagues

Having a tour in our little electric buggies

Lake in the Cambodian Cultural Village

Our twilight football game

The Meridien at night

Beautiful path to our temple for dinner

Grandiose path

The path to Thomannon at night

Walking to the temple

A glorious setting for our last dinner

Some dining tables and the amazing scene

Splendid stage for our grand dinner

Conference group picture

On our way into Siem Reap

Walking around Siem Reap's market

Market life

A tourist in the market

Street in Siem Reap

Photo gallery

Taking a rest

Promenade along the river

Shops at night in Siem Reap

Night in Siem Reap's center

The Red Piano restaurant

Street view in Siem Reap

Street stalls

The former moat is invaded by water lilies

Arriving on the site of this temple eaten by the jungle

Mutual curiosity

A naga along the entrance path

First view of the ruins of the temple

Observing a naga statue

This temple resembles Angkor Wat but was not restaurated

Small offerings

Trees growing everywhere in the temple

Tree growing on top of the ruins

Amazing mix of vegetation and history

Jungle of the temple and nature

Finding our way around the maze

Outer courtyard of the temple

A real Indiana Jones temple

The charm of the site grows on us

Mix of stone and wood

Finding our way out

Banteay Srei entrance

The crowds at the temple

Sophisticated carvings

A small temple, but a jewel of craftsmanship

Library in Banteay Srei

One of the most elaborate scenes

Carvings for tourists

Buddha heads and statues for sale

Ta Promh's famous grandiose trees

Invasive trees in the temple

The eternal mix of nature and architecture

A famously invasive tree in Ta Promh

Exquisite artistry of kmer sculptures



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