Finland (2004)
Photos per year (number): 2004 (32)
Central Tampere

Factory in Tampere

Chilling out in the late evening

Central Square of Tampere

Central Helsinki

Market by the sea

Uspensky Cathedral

Royal Navy College

Submarine Vesikko

Protected access to the Fortress

Suomenlinna nature

Inside one of the bastions

Suomenlinna Fortress

Strong cannons protecting the fortress

Protective bunkers on Suomenlinna

World Heritage Site of Suomenlinna

King's Gate

Geese busy grazing

Dry docks


Church of Sveaborg

Mindful parents

Crossing the road

Seafront of Helsinki

Uspensky Cathedral

Inside Uspensky Cathedral

Uspensky Cathedral's altar

Above the altar

Helsinki cathedral

Statue of Luther inside Helsinki's cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral

Streets of Helsinki



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