Malawi (2003)
Photos per year (number): 2003 (34)
Local transport can be comfortable...

Local transport in Malawi

People everywhere in Malawi

Kids horsing around as we arrive

Emmanuel's as night falls

The locals take it easy

Malawi youth chatting at night

The kitchen at night

Girls playing under a street lamp at night

Kids playing at night

The guard reads about his country

Getting around on the lake

Shores of Lake Malawi

The kids wait to sell their fish

Morning activity on the lake

Everyone gets around with a mokoro

Tourists mix and learn from the locals

Mumbo Island

A colourful skink lizard

Mumbo Island

Seeds in a tree

Pied kingfishers perched on a tree

Missed photo of fish eagle catch

African fish eagle waiting for a fish

African fish eagle eating one of our fish

African fish eagle having a drink

African fish eagle flying by with a catch

Man from Mumbo Island

Mumbo Island beach

Sunset over Mumbo Island

Fishermen cleaning nets

The day's catch of lake fish

A fisherman skillfully extracts the fish

Boys fooling around on the beach



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