Malaysia (2008)
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View from my Renaissance Hotel room

Preparing a Chinese New Year street dinner

Funky restaurants in a mall of Jalan Bukit Bintang

Masjid Jamek at the river crossing

Masjid Jamek for Friday prayers

MS Ally Company, pharmacy since 1909

Sze Ya Temple

Burning incense during Chinese New Year

Stacks of incense

Incense spirals everywhere, Sze Ya Temple

Prayers during CNY

Near the Central Market

Entrance of the Guandi Temple

Incense spirals in Guandi Temple

Guandi Temple decorations

Spinning for good luck

Touching a spinning ball

About to bang the big pole for luck

Incense burning

Offerings for CNY

Walking around the temple for prayers

Burning all the way to the roof

Incense spirals

Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Close-up on the main gate

Streets of Chinatown

Making jasmine garlands

Men busy at a temple entrance

Preparing jasmine for garlands

The open kitchen of Prego

Dining at Prego

Jalan Bukit Bintang during CNY

A pedestrian street of Kuching

Central Kuching

The slow pace of life in Kuching

Kuching River

Spices in the market

Remnants of colonial architecture

An old Simca car

Colouful lapis cakes on display

An iguana resting

An enclosure of young crocs at John's Crocodile Farm

Young crocodiles

Amusing posture of a resting sunbear

Sleepy sunbear

Mock fighting sunbears

The sunbears give each other a tender gesture after mock fighting

The first croc jump attempt

A failed attempts to jump at some meat

Another miss

Going for the meat

Pig-tailed macaque in a cage

Bidayuh village

Inside the bidayuh village

Putting rice out to dry

Beautiful jumping spider on my hand

And again, this nice jumping spider

A sumptuous butterfly

A red dragonfly

About to play Citadels

The big male orang utan comes down for some fruit

Amazing sight

A last grab before heading back into the trees

Heading off?

Waiting to see orang utans

First view of two orang utans arriving

An aged female comes to the feeding zone

This female wanders amongst the people

The youngsters gather on the platform

Rushing off before the dominant male arrives

Moving away with a horde of fruits

The dominant male

Sheer size of the dominant male

The big male enjoys the bananas

Taking a picture of the orang utans

Youngster moving about close to people

A humid morning in Kubah NP

A glimpse of the magnificent view

A solitary bee

A leech lurks on the path in search of warm blood

Looking back on the trail a the seemingly endless forest

Treetops, desperately empty of hornbills

An ant carries off a bigger one

Full view from the platform

Super view from the top of our trail in Kubah NP

Tree ant nests

Dew on moss

Palm trees of all sorts

Pitcher plants along the trail

A vine grows up a tree

A palm tree unique to the area

Geometry of ferns

A small stream along the path

Sunbear foraging around in the Matang Wildlife Centre

Doris, a young playful orang utan

Spitting water and catching it back

This huge male is trying to break open the door

Playing with Andy's signs

The large male comes against the wall close to us

A hugely impressive yawn!

Meanwhile, a butterfly collects salty sweat from Andy's back

Doris continues to fool around

The big male lies on his back, killing time

A young sambar deer

A captive leopard cat

Ice Bugs Bunny for Easter brunch at the Hilton

Our boatman starts the engine

Distant mountains beyond Kuching

Overlooking Kuching from Fort Margherita

Nice English colonial architecture on top of the river

A mix of old and modern on the north shore

Front of Fort Margherita

Here comes a boat to our rescue

Inside the boat to cross Kuching River

Crossing Kuching River

North bank palace

Dancing to the rhythm

The violinist

Drumming women

Watching time go by in Little Lebanon

Final score of the 3rd round with Andy



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