Maldives (2006)
Photos per year (number): 2006 (32)
Mosque in Male

Coast guard ships

Sitting on the dock of bay

The welcoming beach

Jetty at night

The lights of the jetty and city

Cocktail glasses

Full view of the Laguna Resort island

The sand bank from which to snorkel

Local life in Maafushi

Arriving in Maafushi

Boat to our rescue

Shopping street

Explaining houses built from coral

A young girl walks by

Quiet streets

Looking after her brother

Curious young boy

Boy and bicycle

Quiet life in Maafushi

Catering for tourists

Going for a ride

Biyadoo resort

Heron fishing on the beach

Heron out to fish in the water

Young blacktip reef shark

Perched heron

Crabs by the lagoon

The welcoming beach of Laguna

The jetty towards the resort

Trading goods in Male

A local school with plenty of slogans



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