Namibia (2000)
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Photos per year (number): 2000 (125)
Vast Namibian plain

Sweet thorn tree

Sunrise on Dune 45

Sunrise on Dune 45

Sunrise at the outskirts of the Namib desert

A lone tree

Life at the foot of the tall mineral dunes

Gemsbok watermelons

Marvel of the Namib desert's color shades

Geometrical beauty of the Namib desert's dunes

Namib desert contrasts

Softness of the Namib desert

The contrasting Namib desert

Animal tracks on a dune in the Namib desert

Beautiful contrasts in the Namib desert

Shovel-snouted lizard

A splendid curve outlines some shades of this dune

Magnificence of the dunes

Life on the edge of Sossusvlei's oasis

The oasis of Sossusvlei

Life and death in the desert

Red dunes and the Namib desert

View from the Namib desert to the east

The dull yet contrasting Namib desert

Close view of a dune carved like cloth by the sand

Red dune in the Namib desert

The Waterkloof trail

Top of a quiver tree

Close-up on the bark of a quiver tree


Sociable weavers and their nest

Pink faced lovebird

Hartmann mountain zebras

Two rock dassies

A couple of shy klipspringers

Kuiseb Canyon

Kuiseb Canyon

A female ostrich


Kuiseb Canyon's mineral emptiness

Contrast of the oasis with the Namib desert

Dune climibing

Gobabeb's oasis

The Namib desert




Unknown flower

Unknown flower

Welwitschia mirabilis

Close-up on the welwitschia plant

Me in front of the seal colony

Cape Cross fur seal

Close-up of a seal's fur

Close-up on the fin of a fur seal

Close-up on a fur seal's profile

Quarreling fur seals

Suckling baby fur seal

Life and death at Cape Cross

Contrasting colors of fur seals

Fur seals

Fur seals

Fur seals


A rose in the dryness of the desert

The leaves of this plant smell like lavender

The edge of the Waterberg plateau

Damara dik-dik

Roan antilope

Contrasting colors


Kori bustard

Mother and baby elephant

Young elephant

Baby elephant

Male steenbok

Black rhinoceros

Sunset behind a black rhinoceros

Laurent holding a peculiar preying mantis

Yellow mongoose

Ground squirrels

Etosha Pan

Ground squirrels





Red hartebeest

Male black faced impalas

Etosha in its evening splendor

Group of 37 elephants at night

Zebras quarreling near a waterhole

Long line of zebras

Lapet faced vulture

Great kudus



Great kudus

Banded mongoose

Banded mongoose

Black-backed jackal


Namutoni fort

Nicola running

Pale-chanting goshawk

A gemsbok trods away proudly

Damara dik-dik nibbling


Male gemsboks fighting near a waterhole



Various herbivores

Two lions

Two lions

Lionness stalking at the waterhole

Namaqualand dove

Lionness resting at the waterhole

Lionness with her three cubs

Lion cub

Elephant in the plains of Etosha

Ostrich with chicks

Male ostrich

Elephant and gemsboks

Lone elephant

Monitor lizard



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