New Zealand (2002)
Photos per year (number): 2002 (243)
Landing in Wellington

Houses in Karori, Wellington

My friends' home in Karori

The tough ascent of the Tongariro crossing

Rewarding heat after the ascent

The ants keep going up hill

Clouds clear on the lakes

The blue lake

The emerald lakes

The flat crater of Tongariro

Mount Ngauruhoe and the saddle

One of Tongariro crossing's scenic rewards

Lake Taupo on the way down

Common dolphins

Remains of the factory in front of the volcano's smoke

Coming on White Island's shore

Rusted remains of the factory

Walking to the island's central crater

Walking to the island's central crater

White Island is always active

The main crater with an amazing lake

Stratas of lava deposits

Sulphur deposits

The volcano's true colours

Factory geometry

The gannett colony

Coming back on the boat

A gannett

The impressive size of the island

Statue of a heroic young maori woman

Typical fern forest near Gisborne

The marae of Gisborne

The superb view from our lodge

Morning in Mahia Peninsula

The owners enjoying tea in the morning

A heron near the lagoon

Scenic Mahia Peninsula

Mahia Beach

A cabbage tree

Contrasting colours of plants

The west coast beaches

Stopping in the middle of nowhere

Escorting cows across the road

The quick and elusive fantail

The uphill forest path of Waikaremoana

Roots for steps along the cliff

Our goal: that distant bluff

Tree overlooking lake Waikaremoana

Strong wind atop the bluff

View on the stretches of the lake

Rain in the distance on the lake

Breakfast on the terrace

Our art deco hostel's living room

Nice view from Te Mata Peak

Approaching Arthur's Pass

Arthur's Pass viaduct

Strong wave action at Punakaiki

Swell at Punakaiki

A huge tree

Lake Matheson

Franz Joseph under rain

Rain and rain near the glaciers

Fox Glacier hidden in rain

Our car by a lake

The rugged west coast

Nice waterfall

Nice waterfall

Lake and mountain

Lake and mountain beyond bad weather

Snow-capped mountain

Lake and mountain from Wanaka

Wanaka's marina

Puzzle World labyrinth

Welcome to the Puzzle World

View coming down on Queenstown

Queenstown from a gondola

The lift to the luge ride

Luge riding

The scenic bungee location

Abandoned train station

Lake Te Anau

Plain on the Milford Road

Mountain reflection in a mirror lake

View from Key Summit

Massive mountains along the Milford Road

Massive mountains along the Milford Road

Chasm stream

Milford Sound cruise boat

Milford Sound

Milford Sound

NZ fur seals

Shades of white and black at Milford Sound

Waterfall dwarved by the mountains

Milford Sound

Kayaking with seals

Japanese impression

Playful seal

Sunset from our mooring site

Sunrise from our mooring site

Perch seen from the underwater observatory


Impressive trees clinging on to the cliffs

Kotuku taking off

Kotuku playing hide and seek with me

Kotuku flying off again

Tiny grey warbler ?

Sunrise from the lighthouse

Sunlight piercing the morning clouds


Variable oystercatchers

Kakariki (green parrot)


Male south-island tomtit


Remains of a boat

Little shag

Presbytarian church of Oban

Lovely flowers

Sheer sheep density

Sunset on the countryside

Hoiho on their way to the ocean

Hoiho on their way to the ocean

Hoiho on their way to the ocean

Group of hoihos careful as they head out

Hoihos going downhill carefully

Hoihos taking a break after a long walk

A last break before a swim

Nuggets Point protected area

Royal Albatross chick

Shag nesting site

Young male NZ fur seal

Fur seal in its element

Round rocks

Southern Alps at sunset

Mount Cook at sunset

Southern Alps at sunset

Rain in the glaciers

Rain in the glaciers

Rain in the glaciers

Rainbow on the Heritage Hotel

Sunshine at last near the glaciers

Distant rain on the Tasman glacier

Distant rain on the Tasman glacier


Sperm whale diving back down

Fur seal cooling off

Sperm whale breathing out

Sperm whale about to go fishing again

Hector's dolphin

Dusky dolphin leaping at Kaikoura

Pod of dusky dolphins

A typical Abel Tasman beach

Abel Tasman's sunny side

Abel Tasman's charm

Nelson's Christ Church

Plane to cross Cook's Strait

Marlborough sounds

Maori statue in Te Papa museum

Protective jade amulet

Countryside on the Heritage Trail

Tuatara at Otorohanga's sanctuary

Kaka at Otorohanga's sanctuary

Kea at Otorohanga's sanctuary

Tui at Otorohanga's sanctuary

Kakariki at Otorohanga's sanctuary

Kiwi at Otorohanga's sanctuary

Kiwi at Otorohanga's sanctuary

Going down in the caves

Hayley, Russel and I waiting to absail

Going down a 30m absail

Great wet absailing

Hayley climbing up to exit the cave

Sheep shearing contest

Wool handling competition

Morning mist near Taupo

Waterfall near Taupo

Craters of the Moon

Land of geothermal activity

Rainbow terraces

Bubbling bath

Light effects on the steam


Rainbow terraces

Mud pools

Lady Knox geyser

Waiopu geothermal site

Mineral colors

Lichen on a tree

Geothermal water amidst the forest

Striking orange deposit

Mud bubble bursting

Maori haka dancing

Whakarewarewa village

Rainbow in the countryside

Near "Hobbiton"

NZ's countryside

NZ's countryside

Beach in Coromandel

Beach in Coromandel

Hot Water Beach

Near Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove

Silver fern


Tiny butterfly

Driving across the Coromandel peninsula

Square kaori tree

Bird colony

Shag and ducks at the Firth of Thames

Auckland's Sky Tower

America's Cup finalist

Paragliding near the gannett colony

Gannet colony

Young gannett asking for food

One of the Poor Knights islands

Kaori forest

90-mile beach

Another bus on 90-mile beach

Wave action at the Bluff

Group of white-fronted terns

Group of white-fronted terns

Variable oystercatcher on 90-mile beach

Sand dunes at the northern tip

Contrasting colours as we reach Cape Reinga

Bay near Cape Reinga

Cape Maria Van Diemen

Bay near Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga's lighthouse

The Tasman Sea meets the Pacific

Cape Reinga's lighthouse

Gliding on the sand dunes

Dive break at the Cavalli Islands

View of the Cavalli Islands

Waitangi treaty site

Paradise ducks

Goat Island

Maori boat practise

Bay near the Tasman Sea

The tallest tree in NZ, a kaori

The Four Sisters

Girl on a beach at sunset

Playing on the beach

Last sunset in NZ



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