Portugal (2003)
Photos per year (number): 2003 (369)
Garden colours

Grapes of Madeira

Welcome to Portugal

The house puppy

Central Funchal seen from near the house

Bougainvillea and vine cover a house's garden


Center of Machico

Public fountain

Old men in the shade of giant trees at Machico's heart

Glimpse of ordinary life

Palms and fruit

Street sign

Flowers and fruits

Lovely house

Bar restaurant in Machico

Restaurant in Machico

Pool in Machico's Bay

Boat in Machico's Bay

Kid showering after a swim

Street in Machico

Worn-down house

View of the Ribeira de Machico valley

Houses on the slopes

Eastern tip of Madeira

Baia da Abra

Parque E?lico windmills

Pedra Furada, at the north-eastern tip

Old woman watching the ocean

Kid at Pedra Furada

Beach of Prainha

Beautiful girl at Prainha Beach

Beautiful girl at Prainha Beach

Funny girl at Prainha Beach

Games on Prainha Beach

Boats escort an icon of Mary for celebrations

Lizard licking moisture

Gathering for a celebration of Mary

Festivities in Cani?al

Central Funchal

Central Funchal

Statue in Central Funchal

Laurels and the flags

Street in Funchal

Buildings in the center of Funchal

Decorating ferns

A typical street of Funchal's center

Man sleeping in a public square

Old man on a public bench

Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall Square motifs

Agave plant towering

Bird of Paradise beauty

Worn-down tiles

C?mara de Lobos

Banana plantations on the heights of C?mara de Lobos

C?mara de Lobos church

Traditional Madeiran boat

Kids in Madalena do Mar

Madalena do Mar hills

Water falls between tunnels

Bar on a ledge in Ponta do Sol

Praia do Sol

Ponta do Sol is lit by the setting sun

Waves swirl on Ponta do Sol's tip


Tip of Ribeira Brava

Clouds illuminated by the setting sun

An artists' vision of the setting sun

Central Funchal seen from the house at night

Church of Faial

Small butterfly

Lilies and ferns

A stone wall along the path

The valley below Nita's aunt's house

The women chat

The sea seems at the end of the road

Freshly picked figs

Faial village

View towards the inside of the island

Madeiran valley

Tile on a fountain

Barber shop of Nita's grandfather

Village acquaintance

Nita's Dad's own built house

Pigeon statue on the house Nita's Dad built for his couple

The lunch table

Faial church

The flower carpet

Part of the flower carpet

The procession

Faial church and decorations

Decorations in front of the church

Decorated church steps

Child in the flowers

Church entrance

Flower decorations

Inside Faial church

Arrival of the procession

Members of the procession arrive

Arrival of the priest

The priest is here

Music band

Faial seen from the mountain

Faial church

Faial and Penha de Aguia

Traditional house in Santana


Traditional houses in Santana

A less touristic traditional house

The entrance to a traditional house of Santana

A sunflower

Preserved traditional house in Cabanas de S?o Jorge

Charm of Boaventura

The north-east coast

The north coast ocean

Punta Delgada seen from a cliff

Bell tower of Punta Delgada's church

Punta Delgada's church

Inside the S?o Vicente caves

Lava formations

Cave pond

Sunlit cliffs

Serving a poncha

Local drinkers

Enjoying the island's best poncha

Everyone enjoys the poncha

The poncha place has all kinds of visitors

Fooling around in the shopping center

View of Funchal from Garajau

Rei Christo in Garajau

Beach of Reis Magos in Cana?o de Baixo

The ocean awaits

Lovely old house on the Reis Magos beach

Boats on the Reis Magos beach

Pointing towards the ocean

Wine awaits

View from Pico do Arieiro

View from Pico do Arieiro

View from Pico do Arieiro

Pico das Torres

Pico das Torres

Slopes near the Pico do Arieiro

Our group descends from the start in Pico do Arieiro

Valley below

Nicole in the tunnel

Coming out of the clouds

A long path awaits

The end at Achada do Teixeira is still far

Dead wood and plants

Sturdy trees

Bright top of the world

Walking along cliffs

Peak from which we've come down

Top of the island

The start at Pic do Arieiro

Our car was waiting for us

Sun behind the last hill we passed

A guineafowl

Funchal awakes

Perched houses in the valley

Valley in the heart of Madeira

Cliffs in the morning

The sun begins to hit the valley

Sunlight on the morning mist

Windmills on the Pa?l da Serra plateau

Pa?l da Serra plateau

Porto Moniz

Vineyard in Porto Moniz

Detail of a house

Inside Porto Moniz's church

Altar of the church of Porto Moniz

Stained glass in the Church of Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz church

Lighthouse of Ponta do Pargo

View from the western tip

Lighthouse of Ponta Pargo

Church of Sra. de Amparo

Inside the church of Sra. de Amparo

View onto Calheta

Old man in Jardim do Mar

Wall in Jardim do Mar

Old door in Jardim do Mar

Broken roof in Jardim do Mar

Church of Jardim do Mar

A small church in Jardim do Mar

Nice skewers ready to roast

Nita catches a glimpse of me

Sea seen from Cabo Gir

Harbour of C?mara de Lobos

Wickerwork in Camacha

Wickerwork in Camacha

Hills of Funchal at sunset

Oriente station at night

An old house in Setubal

Oriente station in the mist

Pra?a da Figueira below the castle

Shoe polishing

Pra?a Dom Pedro IV

Working on the elegant paving

Stylish passage

Rua Augusta

Pastries in the window

The traditional pastel nata

Pastry shop in Rua Augusta

Rua Augusta rises from the mist

Elevador de Santa Justa

Amusing decoration for a house

Drying clothes and architecture in old Lisbon

A classic image of old Lisbon

An amazing vision

Convento do Carmo behind the Elevador de Santa Justa

View of Lisbon in the morning

Ferry crossing the Tagus

Inside the castle grounds

A resident of the castle

Feathered crowd


Old castle well

Lisbon's flag towers on the castle

Pra?a da Figueira

Lazy cats in the castle grounds

Entrance to the Castelo de Sao Jorge

Our shadows as we enter the castle

Colours of Castelo de Sao Jorge

Shades of light as the morning rises on the castle

Fussy castle cat

Light rays in the castle courtyard

A charming vision

Portugal's flag at the top of the castle

View from the castle

Igreja de Sao Vicente de Fora

Lisbon is protected by the castle

Miradouro de Santa Luzia

Hanging clothes

View from the Miradouro de Santa Luzia

Azulejos of Igreja de Santa Luzia

Azulejos of Igreja de Santa Luzia

Bougainvillea in front of the Azulejos of Igreja de Santa Luzia

Flower in front of the Azulejos of Igreja de Santa Luzia

Tramway number 28

Tramway number 28

Beco de Santa Helena

Woman hanging her clothes to dry

A mediterranean view in Alfama

Typical Alfama alley

Shoe polisher in Alfama

Peixe spada in an alley of Alfama

Old lady watching the scene

Local news

Local life in Alfama

S? cathedral

S? cathedral

Gargoyle of the S? cathedral

Reading the papers

S? cathedral entrance

S? cathedral

S? cathedral's eastern rosace

Inside the S? cathedral

Rays of light in S? cathedral

S? cathedral cloisters

Renovation in the cloisters

Cloister beauty

Cloisters of the S? cathedral

Archeological excavations in the cloisters

Facade of the S? cathedral

Inside Tram 28

Operating Tram 28

Caf? A Brasileira

Sailing by the Ponte 25 de Abril and Cristo Rei

Padrao dos Descobrimentos

Padrao dos Descobrimentos and Torre de Bel

Vasco de Gama spearheads the Padrao dos Descobrimentos

Centuries of sailing tradition

Map of the world and Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Map of the eastern world and Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Portugal in our hands

Portuguese discoverers reach out

Vasco de Gama and famous explorers

Sailing boats in the river mouth

Marina seen from the Padrao dos Descobrimentos

Map of the world by the Padrao dos Descobrimentos

Map of the world by the Padrao dos Descobrimentos

Map of the world and Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Marina, bridge and Cristo Rei

Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Europe at my fingertips

Old lighthouse

Old lighthouse

Torre de Bel

Torre de Bel

Torre de Bel

Inside the Torre de Bel

Torre de Bel

Torre de Bel

Torre de Bel

Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Inside the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Inside the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Amazing ceiling of the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Ceiling architecture

Altar of the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Kids rehearsing their violin

Kids rehearsing their violin

Tomb of Vasco de Gama

Cloister of Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Detail in the Cloister of Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Cloister of Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Dripping gargoyle

Courtyard of the cloister of Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

The kids have finished their rehearsal

The girls wait for their moms

Azulejo portaying a biblical scene

One of the reception rooms in the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Kid posing for his father in the courtyard

Courtyard of the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Medieval charm

Elegance in all lines

Final vision of the monastery

Glorious sunset light on the monastery

Light fades on Portugal's glory

Cristo Rei at sunset

The end of a beautiful day

Returning to Lisbon

Another day ends on sailing glories

Skyline by the Tagus River at dusk

Arco do Vitoria

Light beams in the Lisbon sky

Arco do Vitoria

Lisbon at Christmas time

Rua Augusta

Ponte Vasco de Gama at night

Nita and I break a record on the Eye Toy game

Setubal seaside and castle

A beautiful palm tree

Bocage poet and comic

Mass in St Mary of the Conception in Setubal


Portinho de Arrabida

Beauty of the bay of Setubal

Portinho de Arrabida

Sunken dreams

Bay of Setubal

Beautiful monastery on the Arrabida mountain side

Beautiful monastery on the Arrabida mountain side

Countryside seen from the heart of the Parque Natural de Arrabida

City of Setubal


Olive grove greens

Old house in a private estate

Charm of a private estate

Vineyard and windmills

Old windmill

Old windmill

Palmela castle

Palmela - windmills and castle

Palmela symbols

The dramatic approach to the castle

Entrance of the castle

Inside Palmela castle

Terrace in the castle

Altar of church

Palmela church

Windmills and olive trees

On top of the Palmela castle

Perched at the top of Palmela castle

Nita perched at the top of Palmela castle

The sun sets behind Palmela castle

Local pottery



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