Singapore (2008)
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Fisherman near the Pulau Ubin ferry terminal

A delicate flower

A tiny but colourful grasshopper

Hello, frog

Still butterfly

Laced woodpecker

The sea walk at Chek Jawa

Crab swimming in Chek Jawa

A lone heron at high tide

A group of mudskippers in the seagrass

Shore birds in Pulau Ubin

Fiddler crabs

Beauty of the mangrove

A nice crab in the mangrove

Close-up on beautiful crab colours

Bright red claws of this small crab

A mudskipper on land

Tree flower

A calm butterfly

A heron colony in an old quarry

Entire colony of herons

Philippine glossy starlings

A couple of Philippine glossy starlings

White-vented mynas foraging on the beach

A boy is fishing at the ferry terminal

An old man watches time go by

What's this crow up to?

Crow and friend

Our Sunday lunch

The sun sets in Singapore

The food for our housewarming

The live band

Colourful birds at a shop on Dempsey Road

Hello, scarlet macaw

Amazing macaw colours

I'm still impressed by the beauty of macaw colours

L'Organic Caf

Stretches of Mac Ritchie Reservoir in the late afternoon

Crab-eating macaques grooming each other

Sunset light on a macaque

First round scores

Self portrait at bowling

Second round score

A macaw parrot flies through a sealed hoop

Close-up on a rhinoceros hornbill

Beautiful male rhinoceros hornbill

It flew down to us when we approached

Look at this creature!

This lorikeet's climbed on me!

Didit is taking photos

A nice, still shot

Frog in a pond

A curious black-naped oriole

Beautiful pheasant

Ornate caramel craftsmanship

Chinatown prepares for Chinese New Year

A strange view of a swimming kid

Swimming lessons at the Singapore Yacht Club

Boats in the Singapore Yacht Club

Views of the city center from close to our dive spot

Pat and friends at home - loving the view

Yours truly enjoying a card game

Beautiful view of the canal from our living room

Fooling around

Eating seafood and vegetables

Cereal prawns and chilli crab

The city seen from the East Coast

Inside the Esplanade Theatre

The stage for the We Will Rock You musical

The new Terminal 3 of Changi


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