Spain (2005)
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Pedestrian street by the Capilla Real

Capilla Real - the Royal Chapel

Entrance of the Capilla Real

Arab influence in the central Granada

Oriental appeal of a market in central Granada

These streets show the Moorish influence

More of the Alcaceria

Corral del Carbon

Close-up on the entrance of the Corral del Carbon

A special job for the firemen

Plaza del Campillo could be a typical French square

Life in high street Granada

Do you feel latin?

Time for tapas

A typical lunch for the Spanish

View of the cathedral

Granada Cathedral

An impressive building

Plaza Santa Ana

There it is! The watchtower of the Alhambra

Close-up on the towering Alhambra

Spanish wine in a tapas bar

Preparing tapas

View from the counter of the Minotauro

My plate of house specials

Sketches at the Minotauro tapas bar

A busy lunch around drinks and tapas

Typical socialising during lunch

Floor in front of the Capilla Real

Side-room to the Cathedral

Look who's here!

First vision of the Cathedral

Impressive height and paleness

Simplicity and elegance in white

Detail of a painting, showing how it was fitted specially before

Amusing detail of La Asuncion

Impressive richness displayed

La Asuncion, by Alonso Caneo

Close-up on the king

No mercy for the enemy

Impressive organs

Contrasting lights and materials

Gorgeous wooden door

Still amazed by the organs

Central alley of the Cathedral

The heart of the Cathedral

Close-up on the incredible layout of the pipes

Last view of the central organs

The Holy Trinity

In awe

Superb wooden entrance

Ancient song books

Entrance of the Monasterio de la Cartuja

Courtyard of the monastery

Restaurated paintings

Charming courtyard

Monasterio de la Cartuja

Street view of the monastery

Kitsch decoration of a bar

An elegant building

Simple and beautiful

Street art

Museum of Casa de los Tirros

Teenagers hanging around on a quiet plaza

Crowd in front of the Iglesia de Santo Domingo

A place to halt, inside Iglesia de Santo Domingo

Sorrow-stricken queen

Iglesia de Santo Domingo in the evening

A quiet alley

Moorish style in a simple house

Paco Seco de Lucena - a quiet street

Helping each other down a road

Hills of eastern Granada at night

A relaxed place by the canal

The hall of my Pension Munoz

Glimpse at the imposing fortress

Puerta de la Justicia

A waterfall on the hill of the Alhambra

First view inside the Alhambra

Sculpted arches of trees along the main alley

Mosque Baths building

View onto the Mirador of San Nicolas

The Mexuar - first room of the Palacio Nazaries

Detail of the tiles

Sophistication of the ceilings and decoration

Central motif of the wooden ceiling

A beautiful design in tiles

Fine view near the oratory and the Patio del Cuarto Dorado

Patio del Cuarto Dorado

Golden ceiling of the Patio del Cuarto Dorado

Courtyard of the Patio del Cuarto Dorado

Passage to the Patio de Comares

Patio de Comares

Patio de Comares

Patio de Comares

Patio de Comares

Patio de Comares

Patio de Comares

Patio de Comares

Sala de la Barca

Door to the Sala de la Barca

Group of Japanese tourists having a photo orgy

Detail of the walls

Japanese tourists admiring the ceiling

Light piercing beneath the wooden ceiling of the Salon del Trono

Beautiful light and motifs

Patio de los Leones

Patio de los Leones

Detail of the decoration above the columns

Patio de los Leones

Patio de los Leones

Close-up on the famous lion fountains

Detail of the exquisite walls

Patio de los Leones

Patio de los Leones

Ceiling of the Sala de los Abencerrajes

Patio de los Leones

A different mural decoration

Sala de las dos Hermanas

Mirador de Lindaraja

Mirador de Lindaraja

Patio de Lindaraja

Remains of stained glass above the Mirador de Lindaraja

Window in one of the towers of a Nazrid Palace

Albaicin district

Peacefulness of an inner court

Red Alhambra and green nature

View of a superb building in Albaicin

The beautiful vertical lines of Albaicin

Mirador de Lindaraja seen from the patio

Oranges in the Jardin de Lindaraja

Fountain at the heart of the Patio de Lindaraja

Nature combines with architecture

Last view of the splendid palace

El Partal

Decorations in a cove of El Partal

View of the Generalife

El Partal

El Partal

Mosque Baths building

Gardens and pools

Gardens of the defensive walkway opposite El Generalife

Spring is coming in the gardens of the Alhambra

Sculpted nature in la Rauda

Another simple but charming building

Decoration on the palace of Carlos V

Entering the Palace of Carlos V

Second floor of the palace of Carlos V

Inner court of the palace of Carlos V

Entrance of the Alcazaba

View of the Palacio Nazaries

View of Albaicin

Torre de las Armas and Torre de la Vela

Buildings of Albaicin, with inner courtyards in Moorish style

Barrio Castrense

Torre de la Vela

View from the military quarters of the defensive strength of the Alcazaba

White houses as far as the eye can see in Albaicin

Central Granada

View of the Cathedral

View of the Inside of the Alcazaba

Clouds mix with the snowy ranges of the Sierra Nevada in the distance

Flags cast high on the Torre de la Vela

Bell of the Torre de la Vela

Granada stretches out at the foot of the Alhambra

Features at the top of the Torre de la Vela

Children play on old cannons

Inside the Bano de la Mezquita Mayor

Light through the roof of the Bano de la Mezquita Mayor

Jardines de San Francisco

Spring livens up the Jardin de San Francisco

Ingenuity of the Nazerid architects for the circulation of water

Coat of arms at the entrance of the Alhambra

Gardens of the Generalife

Inside the Generalife gardens

Water and nature are dominating features

Yet another gorgeous view of the Alhambra

Pool with a motif

Drawing inspiration from the Generalife

First court of the Palacio del Generalife

Patio de la Acequia

Kids pose for a photo

Patio de la Acequia

This is what kings saw

Patio del Cipres

Patio del Cipres

Palace and Patio del Cipres

Palacio del Generalife

Simple elegance

Patio del Cipres

Escalera del Agua

Beauty of the entire Alhambra complex

Last view of the towering nature and architecture

Cuesta de los Chinos

The domination of the Palacio Nazareis

Fortified walls circling Granada

At the foot of the Alhambra

Arab influence in Albaicin

The well of the eponym El Pozo restaurant

Albaicin allows great views of the Alhambra

View of the Generalife

Iglesia de San Nicolas

The Mirador de San Nicolas is a place to hang out

Straight lines of the Alcazaba

All sorts of ware for sale in this hippy land

Lower Albaicin and the Alhambra

Mirador de San Nicolas

Every plaza welcomes legions of locals for a drink

Charm of Albaicin

Albaicin and neighbouring hills

Typical decorations in Albaicin

Many houses display such porcelain work

A facade covered with plates and plants

A band passes by

Lunch in a square of Albaicin

An old lady hangs out in the middle of the square

Someone just parked his horse

A poet's house

Entrance of a house in Albaicin

View of a superb building

Hospital Reale

Touches of light on the contrasts of Granada

The neighbouring hills

Iglesia de San Cristobal

Most beautiful view of the old quarters, the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada

Basilica de San Juan de Dios seen from Albaicin

An old school and the dedication plaque

Plaza Larga - socialising in the heart of Albaicin

The Puerta Nueva?

Enjoying a game of chess

Iglesia de San Cristobal

Monasterio de Santa Isabel La Real

Iglesia de San Miguel Majo

View onto the fertile plains beyong Granada

Torre de Erica

Detail on the facade of the Basilica de San Juan de Dios

A lovely orange tree

Church of the Monasterio de San Jeronimo

The belltower of Monasterio de San Jeronimo

Simple life

Inside the Monasterio de San Jeronimo

The central altar masterpiece

Detail beneath the organs

Striking representation of Judith

The western wing and the ceiling

San Jeronimo

Top of the altar

The inner courtyard and outside of Monasterio de San Jeronimo

Fountain on Plaza Bib-Rambla

Plaza Bib-Rambla

Kids playing drums on the Plaza Bib-Rambla

Shopping in the Alcaceria

Guys playing ball on the Plaza Pasiegas

A father tries to get his kid on the donkey

Oriental bazar in Caldereria Nueva

Drinks by the Darro River

Paseo los Tristes along the tiny Darro River

A quiet moment in the late afternoon

At the foot of the Alhambra

My eyes are irresistibly drawn to the ultimate verticality

Church at the foot of the Alhambra

The sun has set - the Palacio Nazaries remains

Timeless domination

The protective ramparts of the Alcazaba

Flamenco singer and musician warm up

First flamenco moves

Playing with the flamenco

Game between dancer and singer

The women encourage each other

Concentration fixed in motion

Another break between the hand moves and the stillness of the face

The flamenco singer - a latin man

Singing intensity

Flamenco sketches

A whole different style for the male dancer

Here we go!

Slower and more sophisticated

The Alcazaba glitters by night

Palaces of the Nazarids and of Carlos V

General view of the Alhambra by night

Preparing dinner

Cathedral of Palma de Majorca

Jumping in front of Palma's cathedral

Hommage from Palma de Majorca

Bouncy greetings from Majorca

Palau de la Almudaina

First room in the palace

View towards the harbour and Castle of Bellver

Ceiling of an ancient Arab bath in the palace

The old Arab baths

Palace's courtyard

Lions' court

The Queen's Study Room

A grand hall

Triptico of St Anne's Chapel

St Anne's Chapel

Old well in the palace's courtyard

Holy relics

Entering the cathedral

Impressive heights

Last Supper and other biblical scenes

Christmas altar

Charming decorations

Illuminating sunlight

The length of the cathedral

Lights and shades

Cloister of the cathedral

Town Hall of Palma de Majorca

Town Hall of Palma de Majorca

House designed by Gaudi

Plaza Mayor

Bellver Castle

Medieval tower at Bellver Castle

Round fortress

Inside the central courtyard

Splendid architecture of Bellver Castle

Central Palma

Leaving Bellver Castle

Barcelo Jardin del Mar

The sea opposite Sa Dragonera Island

Andratx church

Western coast

Mirador de ses Animes

A pose by the rugged coastline

Filming at the Mirador de ses Animes

Coastline from the Mirador de ses Animes

Terraced fields of the western coast

La Granja

Cartuja de Valldemossa

Monastery of Miramar

Statue in the monastery of Miramar

View towards the sea

Perched village of Deia


Me in front of Deia village

Deia village

Cathedral of Soller

View of central Palma

Portocristo bay

Portocristo harbour

Talaoit of S'Illot

Here is the Talaoit of S'Illot...

Mill in Felanitx

View from a mill

Protective towers seen from Felanitx



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