Sweden (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (83)
Kata in our boat room

View from our boat's window at night

Morning view from our boat's window

A side view towards the old city

Home made breakfast on offer

Walking the streets of the old town centre

Guards waiting for a marched parade

Guards waiting to march behind a band

Cannons in a courtyard of the Royal Palace

The cathedral

The old square of Stortorget

Swedish Academy

Beautiful facades on the old square of Stortorget

North-west of S?dermalm island

A shop for old signs

Lovely architecture in the old town

A classical figure: St George and the Dragon

Charm of the old town

The cathedral and the obelisk

The Royal Palace

The National Museum

Prow of a viking boat replica

Swedish Riksdagshuset

The band is about to set out on a parade

I would be cold too

This man jogs off barechest into one of the main pedestrian streets

Going through the Riksdagshuset

Old town grandeur

Inside St Clara

Organ of St Clara

An intriguing bronze statue

The smoking statue gets a make-over

Splendid spire of St Clara

Theatre, by the Nybroviken pier

Inside ?stermalmstorg food hall

Pick your food at the food stalls of ?stermalmstorg

Lunch time at ?stermalmstorg

Fish stalls

Beauty of salmon fillet

Colourful fruit stall

The Salu Hall at ?stermalmstorg

I can't get enough of the waterfront architecture

An impressive view of the Vasa

Sheer size of the Vasa

The Vasa's rescue boat

Details of the cannon galleys

Statues adorn the rear of the boat

Replicas of the boat's statues, as they must have looked

Replica of the cannons

View of the Vasa and the 1:10 model

The Royal Arms of Sweden

The arms of the Vasa

An example of what the original statue colours were

Explanation on the symbolism used for the statues

The top deck

View of the boat's front

Full length of the Vasa

Models of the Vasa explaining how the sails are deployed

The old town by night

Fine building in Gamla Stan

Detail of the roof of Riddarholm Church

Riddarholm Church

Riddarholmen Island

Riddarholmen Island - view towards the south

Western S?dermalm

Close-up on beautiful architecture

Impressive boats and buildings in central Stockholm

Spire of the Riddarholm Church

Town Hall

Top of the Town Hall

Royal Palace

AF Chapman boat

Central Stockholm

Our hostel boat on the left

Peaceful morning in central Stockholm

H?llestad belfry

Old farm house and H?llestad belfry

Wolf in Skansen

Skansen and central Stockholm

Central Stockholm seen from Skansen

Old mast

Castle of Kastellholmen

Tyska Church



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