Thailand (2007)
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Street in Bangkok

Erawan Shrine

Kids splashing out for the Water Festival

Making flower offerings

Royal Palace grounds

Entrance guard

A bronze statue and I

A glimpse of me in a decorative mirror

Offerings at Wat Phra Kaew

Grand Palace Hall

Palace buildings

Royal guards on the move

Policeman handing out a fine

Young folks offering some talc

Splashing out on the cars

Quiet life on temple grounds

Impressive water power to splash cars

Kids organised to max out the splash

A great outdoor restaurant

Outdoor restaurant at night

Reclining Buddha

Head of the reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha head

Reclining my head

Beautiful mother-of-pearl engravings

Cups for coin offerings

Procession of coin offerings

Writing wishes in Wat Pho

Making flower offerings

Lotus flower offerings

Blessing Buddha images

Blessings by a priest

Receiving a bracelet

Blessing a monk statue

Phahurat Market lane

Inside a Sikh temple

Wat Thepthidaram

Thai kid playing in the sand

Buddha of Wat Thepthidaram

Water lily to brighten up the Golden Mount

Wat Saket at the top of the Golden Mount

Prayers on the Golden Mount

View of Bangkok

Running on the burning ground

The bedroom of Kamala Beach Estate

Living room of the Kamala Beach Estate

Morning rises in Kamala

Fisherman boats

Around Kamala

Temple and boats in Kamala

Tsunami Hazard Zone

Kamala Beach Estate seen from Kamala Beach

Taking off from the north-east of Phuket

First glimpse of the limestone cliffs

Beauty of Phang Nga Bay

The islands emerge from the mist

Fish eagles soart close to the boat

Swooping fish eagles

Gazing at the impressive cliffs

Limestone islands

The guides await us

Impressive rocks and plants

Our boat, seen from the canoe

Entering the cave to access the lagoon

Coming out of the cave

Inside the lagoon of Ko Panuk

Coming out of the cave

Navigating along the islands

Small black egrets guard the bat cave

Inside Bat Cave

Lagoon accessed from the Bat Cave

Beaufiful mangrove

A mudskipper in the mangrove

Our beautiful self-made offerings

Bar in Patong

Butterfly in the forest

At the Bang Pae Falls

Thais at the Bang Pae Falls

Gibbons being rehabilitated

Young gibbons in the rehabilitation centre

View of Phuket Town

Sino-portuguese style mansion

A beautiful house in Phuket Town

Thanon Dibuk houses

Traffic life

Pool of Kamala Beach Estate

Night in Kamala



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