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Dimly lit street in Taksim

Crossing the Bosphorus

Sultanahmet seen from the Bosphorus Bridge

Breakfast in the greenhouse of the Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace entrance

Gate to the waterfront in Beylerbeyi Palace

A fisherman in the Bosphorus

Boats in the Bosphorus

Entrance of Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace

A reception room

The main room of the reception area

A grand room for diplomacy

Splendour of Beylerbeyi Palace

The view onto the Bosphorus

Lovely houses along the Bosphorus

Breakfast by the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

Crossing the Marmara Sea by ferry

A child looks towards the south coast of the Marmara Sea

A child tries a bike too big for him

The moon lights up our night

The mad vehicle has lost a wheel

The full moon shines through the pine trees

The view from my treetop room

A relaxed morning in the camping site

The lovely tree houses

The viewing platform and old tractor

Locals enjoy a picnic as a goat grazes by the water

A lovely pool was created to power the water mill

Here I go into the water!

A cat hunts around near the water

Fish nibble at my feet

The beautiful cliff of pine trees drops to the water

A carpet of pine needles

Nuray watches on as a g?zleme is being prepared

Fine vegetables

Ancient land of the olive trees

Olives in the trees

Hill of Assos

Ottoman fortifications at Assos

Old man selling a homemade type of candy

Restaurants along the harbour at Behramkale

The harbour of Behramkale

Fish restaurants at the bottom of the Assos hill

The lovely harbour of Behramkale

Handmade necklaces

A small beach at Behramkale

The ancient Greek amphitheatre

Ottoman guard tower at the top of the hill of Assos

Unveiling the columns of the Athena Temple

Classical Greek beauty

Admiring the view from the top of Assos

The harbour of Behramkale

The ancient amphitheatre

On top of the hill of Assos

Uplifting wind at the Temple of Athena!

Athena Temple's ionic columns

The deep blue sea is the backdrop to the view we admire

Old church at Assos

Rusen at night in the taxi

Old man selling corn at Urla Beach

Beach at Urla

Childhood joys

Pedestrian street in Cesme

A pet rabbit draws the crowds to a restaurant

A well restored house in Cesme

A beautiful old house by the Cesme harbour

Celebrating the Turkish Republic and Atat?rk

The tall walls of the Cesme fort

Entrance to the Cesme fort courtyard

Small museum in the fort of Cesme

View from Cesme's fort

Inside the fort of Cesme

The view onto the harbour

Cesme harbour at sunset

Local village life in Cesme

Light and shadows in the fort at sunset

Remnants of Greek architecture inside Cesme Fort

Cesme fort

The sun sets over the harbour of Cesme

Old man waiting to fish in Cesme's harbour

Old man getting ready to fish in Cesme's harbour

Start of fishing at dusk

On board a ferry

Old fishing boats in the harbour of Fo

The fort of Fo

Strange rock formations eaten by the sea

An ideal bay for a swim

Clear waters for swimming and snorkeling

Now for the fish barbecue!

Other boats have moored in this bay for lunchtime

Izmir Bay contrasts

The bustle at the ferry terminal

The sun sets on the ferry terminal

Bostanli ferry terminal

A seller of simit

Here comes a ferry

Sunset on Izmir Bay

Night falls on Izmir Bay

Izmir Bay traffic at night

Ferry rushing across the Izmir Bay

Boat going through the Dardanelles

Arriving on Gelibolu peninsula at dawn

Ottoman stone bridge

Restaurant by the Meri? river flowing from Greece

Selimiye Camii tops Edirne

Old wooden house

Small charming street

Ali Pasa Bazaar

Shoe polishers

Ucserefeli Cami

Ucserefeli Cami

Window in the Ucserefeli Cami

One of the four original minarets of the Ucserefeli Cami

Inside Ucserefeli Cami

The peace of Ucserefeli Cami

Ucserefeli Cami's ceiling

Master architect Sinan and one of his masterpieces: the Selimiye Camii

Selimiye Camii

Courtyard of Selimiye Camii

Entrance of the Selimiye Camii

Fountain in the Dilaver Bey Park

Courtyard of the Sultan Beyazit II Complex

Museum of Medicine

Sultan Beyazit II Complex

Selimiye Camii

Beyoglu and Galata Tower

Topkapi Palace

Ferry terminal and barracks on the Asian side

The essence of the Bosphorus

Maiden's Tower

Aboard the cruise boat

Dolmabah?e Palace in front of city skyscrapers

Boats passing the Maiden's Tower

Silhouette of Sultanahmet

City contrasts at the foot of the Bosphorus

The bridges across the Bosphorus

Beylerbeyi Palace

Military school

City fortifications

One of the oldest wooden houses of the city

Grilled fish in Emin?n?

Atat?rk Bridge

Galata Bridge

Topkapi Palace



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