Bath (2003)
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Photos per year (number): 2003 (32)
Outside of Chantry chapel

Stained glass reflection

Detail on Chantry chapel exterior

Organ of Bath Abbey

Plaque in honor of Richard Nash

An original plaque

An angel on the western façade

An angel on the western façade

A street performer

Western façade of Bath Abbey

A street performer

Coloured socks for sale

A bright stall in… Stall Street!

Bath street arcades

The Theatre Royal

The famous Popjoys restaurant

Northern side of Queen Square

Royal Crescent

The Circus

Assembly Hall

Typical shops

Pulteney Bridge

Northern side of Pulteney Bridge

Southern side of Pulteney Bridge

The Avon flows through Bath

Great Pulteney Street

Museum of Art

Former residence of Jane Austen

Flowers are already out

Henrietta Park

Life in the Bath streets

An animated statue



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