Bilbao (2004)
Photos per year (number): 2004 (77)
Typical architecture of old Bilbao

Santander train station

Cathedral of Bilbao

Cathedral of Bilbao

Beautiful old building in Casco Viejo

Inside the cathedral of Bilbao

An original window shape

View behind the altar

Ceiling of the cathedral of Bilbao

Building on the river front

The fish stalls in the market of Bilbao

Tasty looking crayfish

A gruesome monkfish shows his last smile

Pigs' heads at the market

Dried peppers

The vegetable stalls

Art on the ceiling of a gallery

Painted ceiling of a gallery

The tuna fishing tradition painted on the ceiling

Basque musicians for a pet blessing ritual in front of a church

View of Bilbao

Graffitis in a staircase

A beautiful street of the old part of Bilbao

Staircase to Begona neighbourhood

Some rare elegance in architecture

Bilbao's concrete playground

Bilbao's dynamic youth...

Games on concrete


Urban horrors

Basilica Begona

Old people near the Basilica of Begona

Inside the Basilica of Begona

The superb ceiling of the Begona cathedral

A sophisticated design

Begona Basilica

Zubizuri bridge

One of Bilbao's elevadors

View of the city centre

First glimpse of the Guggenheim

Pure lines of the Zubizuri bridge

Titanium coat of the Guggenheim

Towards the Guggenheim

Guggenheim Bilbao

Titanium shapes

The museum's amazing forms

Fisheye view of the Guggenheim museum

Superb shapes

Unreal architectural lines

Staircase of the Guggenheim

Museum entrance

Shapes and textures

The atrium

All sorts of forms in the atrium

Artistic flow of words

A typical room, with delirious singing

Sound proof video room

The dog in front of the museum

Bilbao metro

Waiting for the modern metro

Old fisherman village of Getxo

Distant snowy mountains, and rain on the beach

The sardine seller and the fisherman

The river meets the ocean

Bilbao's industrial facilities

Splashing ocean

Ocean splashing into the river mouth

After a drink and a few bites

A rare sight of nice houses, in Getxo

A posh part of Getxo

Getxo heights

Portugalete container facilities

Getxo's nice mill

Night and day

A rare ray of sun

Rain pouring from the Getxo church roof

Church of Getxo



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