Bled (2004)
Photos per year (number): 2004 (36)
Horses in Bled

Bled Castle and lake

Forest flowers

The imposing guard tower of Bled Castle

Flags at Bled Castle

View of Bled from the castle

Rowers on the lake

Taking tourists out to the island

Bled Castle grounds

Beautiful settings of Bled

A threatening medieval weapon

A deadly weapon

Bled Castle

View of the Southern Alps near Bled

Countryside near Bled Lake

Wood stacks

Bled Lake, church and castle, with the snow-capped Southern Alps

Leisure on Bled Lake

Bled Church at the forefront of the Southern Alps

Mighty stairs leading up to the Bled Church

Spires of Bled Church

Altar of Bled Church

Bell Tower

Nesting swan

Close-up on a nesting swan

Rowing back from the island

Boats ready to go the island at the heart of Bled Lake

Bled Castle

Celebrating Bled's millenium

Inside ... Church

Under the ...

Misty dusk on Bled Lake

Bled Island at night

Bled Lake and castle by night



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