Cape Park (2006)
Photos per year (number): 2006 (36)
The beach-goers amongst the penguins

Young baboon jumping off a car

Young baboons mock fighting

Eating a pine cone

The dominant male

Anxious look of youngster when the male comes

Eating amongst all the plants

Lanscape towards the cape

The road to Cape lighthouse

Baboons are not shy in their quest for scraps

Baboon against a backdrop of the Cape of Good Hope

The official sign for Cape Point

A local black lizard

The historic lighthouse

Historic cape lighthouse area and two oceans

Glowing sun onto the Cape of Good Hope

Lighthouse and distances

Cape Point where the two oceans meet

Writing graffiti on the direction pole

Amazing cliff of Cape Point

Historic lighthouse on top of the cliff

The historic lighthouse

Cormorant colony at Cape Point

Wave action at the Cape of Good Hope

Cape cormorant, famous for flying together

Leap at the Cape of Good Hope

Decomposing kelp

Waves at the southern tip of Africa

Waves in a bay near the Cape of Good Hope

Windsurfing near the Cape of Good Hope

Windsurf action in cape waves

Cape landscape

Caring for nesting partner

Penguins on Boulder Beach

The penguin colony on Boulders Beach

An old lighthouse in False Bay



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