Dublin (2003)
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Photos per year (number): 2003 (55)
Flying into Ireland

The Spike

The Spike

Me at the Spike

Ha'penny Bridge

Trinity College

Inside Trinity College

Green Ireland

Molly Malone

Grafton Street

Our view of Lansdowne Road

Show before the game

The Patrouille de France soars above us

The Patrouille de France flies on

Toulouse fans

The kickoff

The game begins

A scrum between Perpignan and Toulouse

The scrum begins

Fast action

Penalty converted for Toulouse

The streaker gets taken off the pitch

Full stadium on our East Wing

Toulouse celebrates the Cup win

Toulouse players celebrating

Perpignan has lost...

Privacy of the men's room lifted...

Dail Eireann - the Irish Parliament

Guinness at Kenny's in Lucan

The Ball Alley pub serves the best Guinness in Lucan

Old man posing near the Guinness factory

The Guinness factory brick buildings

Entering the Guinness storehouse

Decorative fountain inside the storehouse

Inisde the boiler

A massive barrel

Inside the storehouse

A boiler for beer


What's the craic?

The storehouse's architecture

Old Guinness barrrels

Reflections of the modern age

Darkness and light

Great view of a fabulous day in Dublin

Vats in the Guinness factory

Guinness factory buildings

Ready to drink a Guinness

This Guinness is for drinking

Drinking in the Gravity Bar

Slate tiles

The Gravity Bar

Protection for the hockey goalkeeper

Hockey action for Weston

Half-time instructions by captain Laurence



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