Edinburgh (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (73)
First view of Carlton Hill and Nelson Monument

Nice view going up Royal Terrace Gardens

Relaxed read in the sun

Walkers on Arthur's Seat

Playing on Carlton Hill

Arthur's Seat

The unfinished National Monument

Western view from Carlton Hill

Royal Mile and castle

Neat cemetary

Relaxing on Carltong Hill

Climbing on the National Monument

Carlton Hill dominates Edinburgh

Edinburgh centre and castle

A classic view of Edinburgh

The orderly New Town

Edinburgh castle at night

Tron Kirk

Marlin's Wynd

Transept of St Giles Cathedral

Modern organ of St Giles

Simple Scottish church chairs

Banners in St Giles

Seats and Coats of Arms in the Thistle Chapel

Small altar in the Thistle Chapel

Union arms

Front of St Giles Cathedral

Grassmarket street

Shops of Grassmarket Street

Modern architecture

View of a Carcassonne game

Beautiful buildings by the castle

Princes Street view of the castle

National Gallery and Royal Mile

The Maid of the Forth arrives

Forth Rail Bridge

WWII fortifications on a Firth of Forth island

Forth Rail Bridge

North Sea petrol terminal

Cormorants on a rocky island

Inchcolm Abbey

Charm of old Inchcolm Abbey

Landing at Inchcolm

Well kept garden

Beautiful herring gull

Herring gull in flight

View towards the bridges

Bird colony rocks

Inchcolm Abbey

Cloister of Inchcolm Abbey

Chapter House

Razorbill about to dive

Shag surfing the waves

Inchcolm Abbey in the mist

Edinburgh castle in the rain

Half battery bastion

Cannon and soaked Scottish flag

Central Edinburgh

Close-up view towards Carlton Hill

One-o-clock gun

Propeller of a plane

Gallery of army recruitment posters

Join the Army!

Why be idle?

St Margaret's Chapel

Inside St Margaret's Chapel

Mons Meg

Scottish National War Memorial

Royal Hall

Arms in the Royal Hall

Royal Palace

Lady Stair's House

Our Scottish train



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