Edirne (2004)
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Ottoman stone bridge

Restaurant by the Meri? river flowing from Greece

Selimiye Camii tops Edirne

Old wooden house

Small charming street

Ali Pasa Bazaar

Shoe polishers

Ucserefeli Cami

Ucserefeli Cami

Window in the Ucserefeli Cami

One of the four original minarets of the Ucserefeli Cami

Inside Ucserefeli Cami

The peace of Ucserefeli Cami

Ucserefeli Cami's ceiling

Master architect Sinan and one of his masterpieces: the Selimiye Camii

Selimiye Camii

Courtyard of Selimiye Camii

Entrance of the Selimiye Camii

Fountain in the Dilaver Bey Park

Courtyard of the Sultan Beyazit II Complex

Museum of Medicine

Sultan Beyazit II Complex

Selimiye Camii



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