Jersey (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (68)
Bright view of Jersey

Fishing at Greve de Lecq

Beach of Greve de Lecq

At Greve de Lecq

Pl?mont Bay

Pl?mont Bay's coast

Me at Pl?mont Bay

Ch?teau de Gros Nez entrance

Ch?teau de Gros Nez explanations

Flying off at the Ch?teau de Gros Nez

Protected against the cold wind

St Ouen's Bay

A firm position in the wind

Strong waves of the west coast

Flowers in the Sunset Nurseries

The sea of Bouley Bay

Lovely cliffs of Bouley Bay

Sharp colours of the seafront

Le Beauvalet

Le Beauvalet

Bay towards Fort Rozel

Fort Rozel tennis court

Dolmen du Couperon

Dolmen du Couperon

Suma's Restaurant

Gorey Harbour and Mont Orgueil Castle

Royal Bay of Grouville

One of many lookout towers on the east coast

Perched on a cliff

Arriving at Elizabeth Castle by foot

Elizabeth Castle at sunset

The entrance of Elizabeth Castle

Sunset in St Aubin's Bay

Elizabeth Castle at sunset

Elizabeth Marina and Castle

Mountain chicken

Rhinoceros iguana

Lovely autumn in the Gerald Durrell zoo

Western lowland gorillas

Impressive silverback and young offspring

Bali starling

Perched meerkat

St Aubin's BAy and Elizabeth Castle

Kitesurfers in St Aubin's Bay

Grey herons at St Ouen's Pond

St Ouen's Bay

St Ouen's Bay

Me at St Ouen's Bay

Protective tower in St Ouen's Bay

La Sergent? Corbelled Tomb

La Sergent? Corbelled Tomb

La Sergent? Corbelled Tomb

Me at La Sargent? neolithic tomb

At La Sargent? neolithic tomb

La Corbi?re Lighthouse

La Corbi?re Point and Lighthouse

Seagull soaring

St Brelade cemetary

St Brelade's Bay

St Brelade's Parish Church

The Entry into Jerusalem

The Annunciation

St Brelade's Parish Church and Fishermen Chapel

Inside St Brelade's Parish Church

St Brelade's Church from the Bay

Portelet Bay

German WW2 6'' gun

St Lawrence Parish Church



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