Ljubljana (2004)
Photos per year (number): 2004 (58)
The emblematic dragon, and the castle

Dragon Bridge and view towards the cathedral and covered market

Going to celebrate the entry in the EU in traditional clothes

A bus tours the new EU countries

Free concert on the eve of the entry in the EU

Concert to celebrate Slovenia's EU membership

Bustle of Ljubljana in the evenings, despite the drizzle

Preseren, the famous poet, with his muse

City centre, topped by the mighty castle

Dragon Bridge and cathedral

Covered markets along the river

Cathedral of St Nicholas

Town Hall

Fountain of the Rivers of Carniola

Ponies for the children

Door of the cathedral

Imposing tower of the castle

Ljubljana's castle

Inside the castle grounds

The symbolic dragon is used as a door handle

View of Ljubljana's west from the castle hill

Schweiger Palace

Roman wall

Ancient Roman Wall ???

American embassy in Slovenia

Tivoli Park

Tulips in Tivoli Park

Tivoli Palace

Statue in front of the Tivoli Palace

Tulips at Tivoli

Rain on Ljubljana

Waiting for the rain to pass in Tivoli Park

The city's first skyscraper

Original modern church

Close-up on the original depiction of Christ

Banks of the Ljubljanica

Preseren and his muse

City model... also washed by the rain

View of the castle

Ljubljana's castle dominates the city

Pink petals inundate the city in the Spring time


Poetic reading over the river

Banks of the Ljubljanica

Hockey team ready to start

Tracks on a street hockey rink

Old Beetle with lovely decorations

Enjoying a drink by the river

Another great view of the castle, with the moon

Romantic Ljubljana

Romance by the "love" river


Local dances to celebrate the entry in the EU

The castle lit in blue at night

Church at night

The beautiful lights on the castle



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