Nxai Pan (2003)
Photos per year (number): 2003 (18)
Termites at work

Bird of prey

Resting springbok

Lionness amongst her potential preys

Ostriches look weary as they have spotted the lionesses

Desolate landscape of the waterhole where the herbivores must drink

The springboks wait for a possibility to drink

Lionness stalking the springbok

The lioness gives up hunting for a while and rejoin her three cubs

Male springboks fighting each other

A lioness aborts a run at springboks

The cubs join in on the feed

Finding our way in Nxai Pan

Tracks in the Nxai Pan park

Giant baobab

Lioness drinking after her springbok meal

The jackals come in to try to steal some part of the springbok kill

Elephant skeleton in Nxai Pan



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