Palma de Majorca (2005)
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Preparing dinner

Cathedral of Palma de Majorca

Jumping in front of Palma's cathedral

Hommage from Palma de Majorca

Bouncy greetings from Majorca

Palau de la Almudaina

First room in the palace

View towards the harbour and Castle of Bellver

Ceiling of an ancient Arab bath in the palace

The old Arab baths

Palace's courtyard

Lions' court

The Queen's Study Room

A grand hall

Triptico of St Anne's Chapel

St Anne's Chapel

Old well in the palace's courtyard

Holy relics

Entering the cathedral

Impressive heights

Last Supper and other biblical scenes

Christmas altar

Charming decorations

Illuminating sunlight

The length of the cathedral

Lights and shades

Cloister of the cathedral

Town Hall of Palma de Majorca

Town Hall of Palma de Majorca

House designed by Gaudi

Plaza Mayor

Bellver Castle

Medieval tower at Bellver Castle

Round fortress

Inside the central courtyard

Splendid architecture of Bellver Castle

Central Palma

Leaving Bellver Castle

Barcelo Jardin del Mar



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