Penzance (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (31)
Church of St Levan

Parked randomly near the church of St Levan

Church of St Levan at sunset

View from Minack Theatre

Penzance Backpackers

Penzance harbour

Penzance harbour in front of St Michaels Mount

Turnstone birds in Mousehole harbour

Mousehole harbour

St Michaels Mount

Mousehole village from the hill

House in Mousehole Village

Well kept house

Daffodils abound in this season

A charming mill

A walk in the forest undergrowth

Ferns on an old tree

All the Merry Maidens in the field

The Merry Maidens in their countryside setting

Beautiful trees

Impressive view of the Merry Maidens on the hill

Countryside and daffodil fields

Farm near Men-an-Tol

Men-an-Tol stones

Men-an-Tol symbolism

Men-an-Tol in its rural setting

Lanyon Quoit

Lanyon Quoit in its setting

Lucky charms at a wishing well

Remains of a Celtic church

Source in a Celtic church



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