Rome (2008)
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Orange garden in Aventino

View of Rome from the Aventino

Monastery of San Anselmo

View of Saint Peter's dome in the tree alley

Church in Aventino

By the banks of the Tibere

Trojan column

Trojan Forum

Trojan forum architecture

Hadrian's bronze statue

Splendid view of the Roman forum

Roman forum and Coliseum in the background

Roman ruins and Catholic churches

The famous Roman wolf with Remus and Romulus

Artists on Piazza Navona

The Calling of St Matthew

The 2 other St Matthew paintings

Rome's pantheon

Fountain in front of the Pantheon

Inside the pantheon

Impressive dome of the pantheon

In the pantheon

The famous Trevi Fountain

A Roman soldier with A mobile

The coliseum

Ground view of the Coliseum ruins

View of the stairs

A nearby church seen from the Coliseum

Splendid view of the coliseum from the second floor

A magnificent oval

Remains of former seats and tribunes

Fresco of an emperor

Ruins of a superb monument

Jumping at the Coliseum

Ancient stadium on the Palatino

Coliseum seen from The Palatino

Roman armies on a triumphal arch

Spring in the eternal city of Rome

Temple of Romulus

Mix of Roman and Catholic

Ara di Cesare

Imperial forum and Campidoglio

The Roman Forum and the Palatino hill

Massive columns in The forum

Triumphal arch in the forum

Everyone wants a shot at the forum

Nuns in front of a triumphal arch

Buzzing activity in central Rome

Basilica of Saint Peter

Obelisk, fountain and hemicycle of columns at Saint Peter's

The changing of The guards

Impressive entrance of Saint Peter's Basilica

Statues on the facade

Pilgrims attending the mass

La pieta of Michelangelo

The mass in Saint Peter's

Heavily decorated altar

The coupola

Inside a church on Piazza del Popolo

A Carvaggio in situ

Another Caravaggio

Amazing talent of Caravaggio



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