Rostock (2002)
Photos per year (number): 2002 (41)
A sunflower in Anke's garden

Anke's parents' house seen from the garden

Breakfast and morning view

A nice sail boat passes by

All kinds of ships join the Hanse Sail

A beautiful house near the river

Boats sailing to sea in the morning

Another boat has set sail

An interesting flag

The pirate flag is out

A tall sailing boat

A boat no longer in use

German police helicopter

Reconverted cargo ship

A nice façade

Church in Rostock

An old house in Rostock

St Maria church and a city square

The griffin - symbol of Rostock

Nice buildings in old Rostock

The university of Rostock

Animation in the city for the Hanse Sail

Old wall

Old astronomical clock

Old astronomical clock

St Maria church's organ

Light enters St Maria

St Maria windows

An intriguing way to see St Maria

The organ of St Maria

Ceiling of St Maria

Death awaits in St Maria

A tall ship's masts

The Rostock flag

Old boats in Rostock harbour

Ropes and ladders

Leisure boats in Rostock's harbour

Western view of Rostock from St Petri

The city center with St Maria

Lovely city centre

View onto the old harbour crowded with boats



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