Sabratha (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (40)
Museum of mosaics from a basilica

Sabratha mosaics

Superb Roman statue

Welcome to the Sabratha WHS

First sight of the amphitheatre

The Bes Mausoleum towers in the ruins

An outstanding vista of house and temple ruins

Bes Mausoleum

Bes Mausoleum lions

Bes mausoleum lion

Columns by the beautiful sea

Roman forum

Temple of Antonine

A forest of columns

Splendour of columns

Flavius Julius Fountain

In the middle of the Sabratha columns

Proud columns have been reerected

Latrines in the baths by the sea

Inside a gallery

In the distance stand yet more temples

A fisherman by the Sabratha ruins

Superb view of Sabratha by the sea

A glimpse of the site's size

East forum temple

Eye-catching mosaic

Side entrance to the amphitheatre

Impeccable access to the amphitheatre

Sabratha seen from the amphitheatre

The Bes mausoleum stands out

End of a short concert

Remarkable state of conservation of the amphitheatre

A wide angle view of the amphitheatre

I stand out looking at the Sabratha Amphitheatre

Dolphin statue in front of the stage

Friezes decorate the front of the stage


Jumping around in the amphitheater!

The stage of the amphitheatre

Wide view of the amphitheatre


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