South of Cairo (2000)
Photos per year (number): 2000 (31)
Desert near Cairo

A pyramid near Cairo

Sunrise on a pyramid

The queen pyramids in the mist

A man and his camel

Pyramid reaching for the sky

Kheops pyramid

Top of Kheops pyramid

A typical sight at Gizeh?

A typical sight at Gizeh?

The sphinx guarding the pyramids

The sphinx

The sphinx

Taking care of the sphinx

The sphinx and I

The 3 Gizeh pyramids

Camel resting

Camel eating

Men preying

The Saqqara pyramid

Temple at Saqqara

The pyramid and cobras

Going up a pyramid

The staircase inside the pyramid

The red pyramid

The pyramid of Dahshur

A rural scene

A felouqua on the Nile

Our taxi driver

Duck chicks for sale

Kheops pyramid at night



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