St Petersburg (2004)
Photos per year (number): 2004 (210)
Ladozhskaya metro station

Contrasting city, as here on Nevskyi Prospekt

Back in the Cold War days, who would have thought this?

Bronze statue on the Anichkov Bridge

Fontanka canal

Busy Nevskyi Prospekt

Palace Square at dusk

Palace Square at dusk

Hermitage Bridge

SS. Peter and Paul Fortress at sunset

SS. Peter and Paul Fortress at sunset

Stock Exchange Bridge at dusk

Trinity Bridge lit by the setting sun

Watching the sun set along the Neva

Golden spire of the SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral

The Hermitage and St Isaac's Cathedral

A broken down car

SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral, on Zayachiy Island

Light effects of a boat on the Neva

Europa bar restaurant boat

The Hermitage along the Neva

Hermitage Bridge at sunset

A fast boat speeds to the Hermitage Bridge

Prow of a boat over the Neva and the Hermitage

Painters along the Moyka, on the second Winter Bridge

Painters debating along the Moyka, as tourists go by

Church of the Resurrection

Church of the Resurrection

Church of the Resurrection

Old car that'll need a good fix!

SS. Peter and Paul Fortress

Field of Mars towards the Church of the Resurrection

A tulip on the Field of Mars

Tulips on the Field of Mars

Field of Mars

Gate of the Summer Gardens

Girl painting the Summer Palace of Peter the Great

Cruiser Aurora

Trinity Bridge before the SS. Peter and Paul Fortress

Man casting his line in the Neva

Sphinx along the Neva

Sphinx along the Neva

Flower greenhouse near the Taurida Garden

Taurida Palace

The football slips past to the goal behind a defender in Taurida Garden

Smolny Monastery and Cathedral

Kikin Palace

Dome of the Smolny Cathedral

North wing of the Smolny Cathedral

Rehearsing for a concert

The top of one of the coupolas of Smolny Cathedral

View from Smolny Cathedral

View south from Smolny Cathedral

View of central St Petersburg from Smolny Cathedral

Proletarskoy Diktatury Square

Odesskaya Street, with old city lanterns on show

A strange street crossing

Tram on Bol'sheokhtunskiy Bridge

Hotel Moscow

Lazarus Cemetery

Tikhvin Cemetery

Alexander Nevsky Monastery

Inside Alexander Nevsky Monastery

Annunciation Church in the Alexander Nevsky Monastery

Blurry faces in St Pet's metro

Palace Square

Alexander Column

Chariot of Glory on top of the Arch of the General Staff

Arch of the General Staff

Admiralty at dusk

Admiralty Quay at dusk

Admiralty and St Isaac

St Isaac's at dusk

St Isaac's dome

Classic architecture along the Neva

Senate building in front of St Isaac's

4&5 line street on Vasilievsky Island

Griffon on Sphinx Quay

Looking across Sphinx Quay

View from Sphinx Quay

Hanging around and drinking at Sphinx Quay

Amenophis III sphinx on Sphinx Quay

East bank of the Neva

Bronze Horseman statue at dusk

Palace Square

Statue in the centre of Palace Square

Winter Palace

SS. Peter and Paul Fortress


Statue of a rostral column

Tulips on the spit of Vasilievsky Island, facing the fortress

Neptune thrones on top of the Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange Building

Rostral Column

Plaque for Pavlov on the Academicians' House

Reparation works of Pel and Son's Pharmacy

St Andrew's Cathedral

6&7 Line street

St Andrew's Cathedral

Inside St Andrew's Cathedral

Academy of Arts and Sphinx Quay

Twelve Colleges

Menshikov Palace

Bronze Horseman statue in front of the Senate House

Kunstkammer seen from the opposite bank of the small Neva

View of the spit of Vasilievsky Island

Old ship docked on the Neva

Cruiser Aurora

Visiting the Cruiser Aurora

Cell in the Trubetskoy Bastion

Code used by prisoners to communicate

Getting a tan at the foot of the fortress!!!

Naryshkin Bastion

Inside the SS Peter & Paul Cathedral

Altar of the SS Peter & Paul Cathedral

Lavish baroque interior

Spire of the SS Peter & Paul Cathedral

Beauty of central St Petersburg

Hermitage in front of St Isaac

Swimming and tanning by the fortress

Very focused on getting the right tan


Bank Bridge

Yusupov Palace

Diana Restaurant, a kitsch place to eat in

Academy of Arts and Sphinx Quay at night

TV tower at night

Hermitage at night

The Palace Bridge is being raised

Raising the Palace Bridge

The Palace Bridge is raised

A tanker passes silently in front of the fortress

SS. Peter and Paul Fortress at night

Trinity Bridge raised at night

Fortress seen from the Hermitage Bridge

Palace Square at night, with saxophone music from Maestro

Palace Square seen from the General Staff building arch

Catherine Garden, in front of the Alexandrisky Theatre

Alexandrisky Theatre

Vaganova Choreographic School

Colourful playground

Tolstoy House

Cathedral of the icon of Our Lady of Vladimir

Statue of Pouchkine

Moskovskaya Train Station

Ceiling in Moskovskaya Train Station

Departure hall of Moskovskaya Train Station

Mayakovsky metro station

Alexandrinsky Theatre

The music starts

St Isaac's Cathedral

St Isaac's Cathedral

St Nicholas Cathedral

St Nicholas Cathedral

Trinity Cathedral

Trinity Cathedral

Sphinx by the Fontanka Canal

Looking towards the seaport

Fontanka Canal in front of the Trinity Cathedral


Soviet imagery

Narva Triumphal Gate

Kazan Cathedral

Inside the metro

Arch of the General Staff Building

Hermitage at sunset

Cheerfulness along the Neva

Hermitage at sunset

Vasilievsky Island spit at sunset

Dancer on the Tribunal bar

Palace Square at night

Palace Bridge raised

Palace Bridge fully raised

Palace Bridge raised

SS. Peter and Paul Fortress at night

Fellow travellers, staying in the same place as me

Pouchkine statue on the Arts Square

Church on the Spilt Blood

Church on the Spilt Blood

View from St Isaac Cathedral

City centre

Palace Square

Spires of St Petersburg's prestigious centre

St Petersburg imperial centre

Admiralty and city centre

Wedding picture in front of St Isaac's

View from St Isaac Cathedral

Vasilievsky Island

Western part of St Petersburg, with the seaport

St Petersburg's busy seaport

Square in front of St Isaac's Cathedral

View from the top of St Isaac

Extravagance of the decoration in St Isaac

St Isaac's rich interior

Ceiling in St Isaac

Inside St Isaac

Inside of St Isaac

Dome of St Isaac

Stained glass behind St Isaac's altar

St Vladimir

Selling honey at the market

The Kuznechny Market

Kuznechny Market stalls

Kuznechny Market dry fruit

Selling fruit

Promoting Asian food

Sturgeon for sale

Delightful Russian salmon

Beautiful fruit stall

Showing off fresh fruit


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