Victoria Falls (2003)
Photos per year (number): 2003 (31)
First glimpse of the Victoria Falls

The spray shoots up and falls on us like rain

Zambezi Bridge

Double rainbow in the gorge

Trumpeter hornbill eating

The Falls in their impressive height

The gorge formed by the Falls

Beauty of the Victoria Falls

Top of the Falls looking onto Zimbabwe

Young cheeky baboon on our car

Curios for sale at the entrance of Mosi-Oa-Tunya park

The Zambezi runs after the Falls

Vines in the tropical jungle of the Falls

Dragonfly at rest

My hand - for the fun of it!

The spray of the Falls hovers above the Zambezi River

Spider web in the Vic Falls mist

Young baboon

Baby baboon playing

Baboon mother and child

Sun shines on the Falls

Yawning baboon

Facing the giant

A glimpse of the width

Endless fascination in front of the Falls

The sun sets behind the waters

Last vision of the mighty falls

Fisherman in the Zambezi just next to the edge of the Falls

A fisherman on top of the Falls

A panorama of the Falls at dusk

The Falls at dusk



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