Assos (2004)
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Hill of Assos

Ottoman fortifications at Assos

Old man selling a homemade type of candy

Restaurants along the harbour at Behramkale

The harbour of Behramkale

Fish restaurants at the bottom of the Assos hill

The lovely harbour of Behramkale

Handmade necklaces

A small beach at Behramkale

The ancient Greek amphitheatre

Ottoman guard tower at the top of the hill of Assos

Unveiling the columns of the Athena Temple

Classical Greek beauty

Admiring the view from the top of Assos

The harbour of Behramkale

The ancient amphitheatre

On top of the hill of Assos

Uplifting wind at the Temple of Athena!

Athena Temple's ionic columns

The deep blue sea is the backdrop to the view we admire

Old church at Assos



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