Ayuthaya (2002)
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Photos per year (number): 2002 (35)
In the small tuk-tuk

Nice temple by the river

A building of the Chan Kasem Palace

Courtyard in the Chan Kasem Palace

Charm of the Chan Kasem Palace

13th century Lopburi-style standing Buddha

12-13th century Lopburi-style Buddha protected by a naga

Fish presentation at the Hua Raw market

Temple along U-Thong road

Adults in awe at their children

Taking a rest by a temple

Wat Ratburana

Prang of the Wat Phra Maha Tat

Charming view of the back of Wat Phra Maha Tat

Peaceful view of the Wat Phra Ram

Stunning flowers hide the Wat Phra Ram

Superb color contrast

Wihan Phra Mongkon Bopit

Buddha inside the Wihan Phra Mongkon Bopit

Buddha inside the Wihan Phra Mongkon Bopit

Monk clipping an offering to others

A surprising lizard

The three pagodas (chedis)

A lizard hiding in a statue's robe

View of the chedis

Nature and history

A small colorful lizard

Too hot for this dog

A loud but shy bird

Tri Muk building

In the vast ruins of the old palace

Buddha of the Wat Na Phra Meru

This tree has taken over a stupa

Harmonious mix of nature and culture

Playing cards beneath a bridge



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