Baalbek (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (45)
View from my hotel room

Temple of Venus

Temple of Bacchus at sunset

Back of the Temple of Bacchus

Baalbek temple complex

Bustan al-Khan and Baalbek temples

Bustan al-Khan excavation area

The propylae - entrance to the Baalbek temples

Wide-angle view of the propylae

Hexagonal Court

The Great Court

Remaining columns of the Great Court

Great Court leading to the Temple of Jupiter

Temple of Jupiter

Niche for a statue, in the Great Court

Splendour and width of the Great Court

Roman face on a water basin

Reliefs on a water basin

Description on a column base

The best preserved exedrae of Baalbek

Steps up to the Temple of Jupiter

Lizard on the steps

Exedrae in the northern part of the Great Court

Temple of Bacchus

Lintel relief of Bacchus temple

Symbols of Baalbek

Temple of Jupiter

Clich? view of the Temple of Jupiter

The symbolic powerful lion

An ornate tomb

Imposing entrance of the Temple of Bacchus

XIXth century graffiti

Massive entrance to the Temple of Bacchus

Ancient mosaic

Peristyle ceiling

Romantism of this fallen column

Wide-angle view of the entrance

Inside the temple

Inside the Temple of Bacchus

The 6 superb columns of the Temple of Jupiter

Mosaic in Baalbek

Statue of a young satyr in the Baalbek Museum

Photo I took of a map in case I needed directions!

Mosque grounds

Monumental entrance of Baalbek



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