Beaujeu (2002)
Photos per year (number): 2002 (35)
The welcoming dog in Beaujeu

View from the entrance of the Beaujeu castle

Excavation works in the future dining room for wedding receptions

Gravel, dirt and rocks to carry outside

The pigeon house

Inside the beautiful pigeon house

The ladder to feed the pigeons

The dining room

The dining room

View of the south

The south-western tower

Southern view of the domain

Fields and geese in the south

The full length of the southern façade

The shaded green canal

Nature in the fields

Water system for the canals

Fishing near the castle

View from the north of the castle

View from the north of the castle

A nice door leading to the caves

Clearing the caves for the wedding reception rooms

A cave for wedding receptions

View from the caves

Cleared up room

Eastern façade of the castle

View of the northern façade

The main living room

Hunting trophies decorate the walls

The pigeonhouse in the evening light

The second floor corridor

One of the host room beds

View from Tanguy's room

The suite in a tower

View of the south-east of the castle



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