Cape Town (2006)
Photos per year (number): 2006 (47)
Laurent's study room

Laurent's library

The entrance

Living room

View towards the kitchen

View towards Table Mountain when leaving the house

Breakfast in Camps Bay

A local transport passes by Camps Bay beach

Camps Bay Beach

Table Mountain

Hout Bay Beach

Fishing boats

A family day out to a seal island

The seal colony

A male seal amongst many others

Going for a dive

Kids having a real laugh on the boat

Shipwreck and cormorant resting point

The impressive shipwreck

Seal action everywhere

Seals cooling down

The girls had a great time

Hout Bay harbour and animal residents

Hout Bay

Great setting of Hout Bay

Nordhoek Bay

Beach on False Bay

Locals coming to enjoy the sea

Lazy seals in the Waterfront harbour

Massive moray eels in the aquarium

Two impressive morays

Close-up on the two penguin species

Moulting penguins

Masses of fish living in kelp

Massive grey nurse sharks

A big shark again

A stunning sight

Kids discovering sea life

Old sailing boat coming into the harbour

School girls by the Nobel Peace Prize statues

Picking at Desmond Tutu's statue

Enjoyable Waterfront area

Posing with De Klerk's statue

Waterfront view and Table Mountain

Laurent's Tamberkloef house

Cape Town Bay




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