Cesky Krumlov (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (94)
Discovering the heights of Krumlov Castle

Stunning archway bridge between two courts of the castle

UNESCO sign says it all?

Beauty everywhere in Cesky Krumlov

The old town

Terraces onto the river

Tall and strong central part of the castle

Detail of a watermill

Local charm overseen by the Round Tower

Old Town houses

An aging hotel

Original window decoration

Stumbling home in the morning

A drunken party

Old Town central square, with a classic Plague Column

Detail of a house, and the omnipresent Round Tower

Simple old building

Church of St Vitus

Elegant simplicity

Old religious buildings along the rive

Top of the Round Tower

Lines to the sky

Castle seen from the Old Town

Small passage revealing the Round Tower

From the Lazebnick? Bridge

Old Town by the river

Former Church of St Jost

Striking cross of the Convent of the Poor Clares

Entering the castle grounds through the Red Gate

Cesky Krumlov allows for so many sights and lines

The brown bears of the castle

Second court of the castle, towards the main residence

Round Tower seen from the castle's second court

The dark massive brown bear stares in my direction

Religious heights

The third, more intimate, court

Chapel of St George

Renaissance Hall

Painting of the king sharing his domain between his 5 sons

Bed in a Renaissance Room

Small private dining table

Dining table in a Renaissance Room

Rich decorations of a Renaissance Room

An all too common rug

Colourful coat of arms

Schwarzenberg family coat of arms

Majestic castle view

View of the centre

Chandelier and painting in the antechamber

Carriage in the Eggenberg Hall

Detail of the gold-covered carriage

Dining Room

Baldachyne Room

Baldachyne Room

Oriental cabinet adjacent to a bedroom

A massive bedroom

The Masquerade Hall, in rococo style

Mirror and decorations of the Masquerade Hall

Statue on the bridge to the fourth court

Charming disorder of the town centre

Heart of the town

Castle gardens

Garden fountain

Small church in the village centre

Looking up at the village mast

Church in the village centre

Egg decorations in front of a house

Farm houses

The central square

Waiting for the tractor to return

Walking over to the neighbour's

Old instrument from 1593

Cankov village

Great crested grebe

Hlubok? town centre

View of the grand Hlubok? Castle

Windsor style of Hlubok

Glass, metal and stone combined in classic elegance

The coat of arms

Elaborate entrance

A lion gargoyle

The inner court

Impressing visitors

The clock tower

The entrance stairways

Main stairways

Impeccable state of conversation

Morning Room

Chandelier in Hamilton's Cabinet

Grand Dining Room

Rich library

Chateau Theatre

Oratory anteroom

High mastery of glass decorations



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