Cesme (2004)
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Photos per year (number): 2004 (20)
Pedestrian street in Cesme

A pet rabbit draws the crowds to a restaurant

A well restored house in Cesme

A beautiful old house by the Cesme harbour

Celebrating the Turkish Republic and Atat?rk

The tall walls of the Cesme fort

Entrance to the Cesme fort courtyard

Small museum in the fort of Cesme

View from Cesme's fort

Inside the fort of Cesme

The view onto the harbour

Cesme harbour at sunset

Local village life in Cesme

Light and shadows in the fort at sunset

Remnants of Greek architecture inside Cesme Fort

Cesme fort

The sun sets over the harbour of Cesme

Old man waiting to fish in Cesme's harbour

Old man getting ready to fish in Cesme's harbour

Start of fishing at dusk


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