Faial (2003)
Photos per year (number): 2003 (29)
Church of Faial

Small butterfly

Lilies and ferns

A stone wall along the path

The valley below Nita's aunt's house

The women chat

The sea seems at the end of the road

Freshly picked figs

Faial village

The lunch table

Faial church

The flower carpet

Part of the flower carpet

The procession

Faial church and decorations

Decorations in front of the church

Decorated church steps

Child in the flowers

Church entrance

Flower decorations

Inside Faial church

Arrival of the procession

Members of the procession arrive

Arrival of the priest

The priest is here

Music band

Faial seen from the mountain

Faial church

Faial and Penha de Aguia



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