Funchal (2003)
Photos per year (number): 2003 (27)
Garden colours

Grapes of Madeira

Welcome to Portugal

The house puppy

Central Funchal seen from near the house

Bougainvillea and vine cover a house's garden


Central Funchal

Central Funchal

Statue in Central Funchal

Laurels and the flags

Street in Funchal

Buildings in the center of Funchal

Decorating ferns

A typical street of Funchal's center

Man sleeping in a public square

Old man on a public bench

Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall Square motifs

Agave plant towering

Bird of Paradise beauty

Worn-down tiles

Central Funchal seen from the house at night

Fooling around in the shopping center

Wine awaits

Funchal awakes

Hills of Funchal at sunset



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