Intercourse (2006)
Photos per year (number): 2006 (34)
Traditional farming in Amish country

A farmer and his horses ploughing

Making a well coordinated turn

There they go again

A very nice Amish scene

An Amish father and his son

Amish carts and drying black clothes

Attic of Amish handicraft and old items

An old tractor

A very local eatery

Claire and Gotz - bewildered

Busy waitress in a typical eatery

Getting familiar with the Harley again

A typical American mailbox

An Amish man getting about town

A typical house and shop in Intercourse

Boy in an Amish cart

Typical Amish cart

Large handicraft shop

A young Amish man and his sister

An Amish man walking down the road

Everyday traffic in Amish country

Amish cloth prices

Amish cloth shop

A colourful garden bird

More things for sale

And another cart

Amish lady in town

Amish horses

An Amish farm

Bikes for sale

This must be Amish country

A symbol of the Amish country

Active cooks in the sushi restaurant



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