Kangaroo Island (2002)
Photos per year (number): 2002 (33)
Pelican in Penneshaw Bay

Little penguins are around

Little penguin in its burrow

Penneshaw Bay at dusk

Little penguin coming out to eat

Little penguin coming back from fishing

Penguin chicks seeking food from the adults

Moulting and adult penguin

Penguin at rest during the day

Moulting penguin

Tammar wallaby

Little Sahara

Little Sahara sand blowing

Koala sleeping

Baby koala asleep

Koala eating eucalypt

Our nice accommodation

Brush tail possum at night

Boat moored in a nice bay

The south coast

Remarkable Rocks

A remarkable rock

View on the south coast

Teenage fur seals fighting

Seagulls amidst wind and waves


Very tame kangaroo

An adult echidna

Bangsea flower

Creek going to the beach

Fur seals and terns

Lanscape during a walk

Penguin finished moulting



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