Kutna Hora (2005)
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First charms of Kutna Hora

Church of St James

Italian Court

View of the Jesuit College and Cathedral of St Barbara

Old women clean the church in the early morning

An insider's view of the church's interior life

Ruthardsk? Street

Church of St James seen from Ruthardsk? Street

Barbosk? street to the Cathedral of St Barbara

Cathedral of St Barbara

Inside Cathedral of St Barbara

Frescoes of mining and the local nobility

Art Nouveau stained glass window

Ceiling, with coat of arms

Frescoes of minting and angels

The more modern Vision of St Ignatius

Vrchlice valley

Stone Fountain

Entrance to the former Church of St John of Nepomuk

Plague Column

Restoration work in the Church of the Ascension of the Virgin

Ossuary Chapel of All Saints

Original bone designs

Religious symbols made of bones

Going down into the chapel

The designer's bone signature

Chandelier and altar

Impressive bone pyramid

Close-up on a bone pyramid

The central chandelier


Schwarzenberg family coat of arms

The famous crow pecking at a dead Turk's head

Close-up on a creation by Rint

Contrasts of an angel statue

A typical countryside road

A farm house, near woods and by its fields

Agricultural countryside

My Skoda car in the countryside

A protective tower at the entrance

Zleby Chateau entrance

Zleby Chateau

View of Zleby Chateau from the park

The chapel of Zleby Chateau

A massive abandoned farmhouse

A tower of Zleby Chateau

View onto Zleby Chateau and surroundings

The kitchen

Inner courtyard

Altar in the chapel

Chapel interior

View of the main entrance, veranda and courtyard

Adjacent building to the Zleby Chateau

The grand Zleby Chateau

Old abandoned farmhouse



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