Kyoto (2006)
Photos per year (number): 2006 (97)
Snowy landscapes

The sun is out again

Schoolchildren at the Kyoto train station

In our guesthouse

Looking at the map carefully...

Trying to figure out my next Carcassonne move

A side street of old houses

Waking up at breakfast

Imperial Gardens and Palace

Long walls of the Imperial Palace

Just look at this (cold) tourist...

A typical Japanese dog

Entrance of Ryokan-ji

A fierce protective guardian

Finesse of wooden decorations

Pagoda in Ryokan-ji temple complex

The main shrine of Ryokan-ji, on top of the hill

Bronze inscriptions on an incense burner

Tying prayers

Each detail is superb

Figurine on the roof's edge

Making an offering and a prayer

Ryokan-ji shrine

Light caresses the exquisite structure

Peaceful lake and colours

Wooden bridge and red gate

Simple elegance

The former mansion now hosting the zen garden

Simple beauty of the interiors

Crowds gather to see the zen garden

Makes you wonder...

Nature shaped by man

One of Japan's most famous zen gardens

Bronze bell

Calligraphy as a form of art

Light and shades in the soft and peaceful gardens

Pureness of lines going to a small building

Another quiet garden

A revered figure

The lake sits still

The splendid golden Pavillion

Snow falls gently on the Golden Pavillion

Coin offerings for good luck

Golden Pavillion in its natural setting

An old tea house

Tea ceremony setting

Last views of the Golden Pavillion

I love Japanese architecture!

Kanji sign for "big" in the mountain

Gates leading to the shrine

Entrance of the shrine with two cones

The main shrine, surrounded by water and gardens

A woman leaves her consultation with a priest

Inside the main shrine building

Where one can be purified before entering the shrine

Entrance of a small shrine on a hill

Lanterns in the small shrine

Simple offerings in a small shrine

The basic altar

Me and a pagoda friend

Fellow traveller and photographer

Beautifully simple lines and shades

Silhouette of the shrine's entrance

A man-pulled cart for tourists

Arriving at Shiyozomu temple on top of the hill

View onto Kyoto

Snow blesses our visit

The most gorgeous ritual fountain

Take water if you dare

The main building

A splendid site on the hillside

Inside the main building

The famous fountain bringing luck

Gorgeous temple and setting

Rich and bright shrine

Amazing nature around ...

Taking water for luck

Vitaliy gets a special angle

The site on the hill's slope

Toji pagoda - the country's tallest

Entering the grounds of Toji temple

Lake reflection of the pagoda

Red and white of winter in Kyoto

Kyoto Tower

Entering Nishi...

Bottom of a light decoration

Elegant doors to a temple building

Praying peacefully

Snow forms new shapes on the wooden passageway

Richness of the shrine

Music-playing apsara

Golden room on the side

Nishi... temple

My last dragon fountain

Full length of the Noizumo Shinkansen

We meet a maiko on the train platform

What goes on in her mind?



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