Leptis Magna (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (50)
Discovering the splendour of Leptis Magna

Welcome to the Leptis Magna WHS

Ornate decorations

Monument at the crossroads of the 2 main axes

Entering Leptis Magna

Hadrian baths

Latrines in the Hadrian Baths

Massive entrance to the Hadrian Baths

Steam baths

A colder corner shielded from the heat

Byzantine Church entrance

The massive forum

Glimpse of the forum's size

Shops in the forum

Decorations above the shop arcades

A Roman face

Court of Justice

Hemicycle at the end of the Court of Justice

Good state of preservation and restoration

Athena protecting Hercules

Hercules and Cerberus

Another scene from the 12 works of Hercules

Hercules fights yet again

Sophistication in Leptis Magna

Beautiful green marble

View of the ruins by the sea

Old and modern columns

The ruins fall in the sea

The old hippodrome

Poor injured robin

Yet another temple!

The old central market

Centre of the marketplace

The marketplace

Roman ship

Temple in front of the theatre

The theatre

In front of the stage

Stage of Leptis Magna theatre

View of the theatre

Wide angle view of the Leptis Magna theatre

Pitcher on a theatre column

Cardo maximus

A genie holding a laurel wrath

Top of the tetraplyon

First and last view of Leptis Magna

A nice beach near Leptis Magna

Bird Island

Camels in a pickup car

Typical homes


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